Joshua & Meagan Phiri (Zambia)

This article was printed in the June 5, 2019 issue of the Baptist Trumpet following the BMAA National Meeting.

The Phiris, who will be Change Maker missionaries, were not present.

Former Missionary John Smith, pastor of Majestic View Baptist Church in Kiowa, Colo. spoke on their behalf. “Meagan Phiri is the sister of my son-in-law. God called her a few years ago to go on The World Race, a team which goes around the world sharing Jesus, physically, verbally and every way they can,” said Bro. Smith. “One of the stops they made was in Zambia (in South Central Africa). While doing ministry, she ran into a young man named Joshua, who was working with The World Race there.

“Meagan came home a changed young lady. She had always loved children and had always been excel- lent with children, but there was this guy that kept communicating with her from Zambia. We were skeptical of a situation like that, but last spring, Joshua showed up at our church. He had come to claim his bride! Her dad required him to spend about six months with them before he would give permission. After about a month, it was a ‘nobrainer’ for her dad. Joshua was the ‘real deal.’

“Along the way, they began marriage counseling with me, and I flippantly asked Joshua if he would like to do discipleship. What I found was a dry sponge.That young man wanted everything I could give him about Jesus!

“A few weeks later, they got married and went back to Zambia with a heart to plant churches and start an orphanage for the children there. They got serious — without any sup- port except savings that they had put together — about beginning their work.

“Our church became aware of their situation, and we started looking into it and seeing how we could help. In April, I went to Zambia with my wife to encourage them and to see if it was what they said it was. What we found was a young couple on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel in the ‘bush’ every Sunday morning and going back on Tuesdays to another village in the ‘bush.’ On Saturdays, they are ministering to over 60 children that come to their yard and they tell them about Jesus. Throughout the week, Joshua is discipling other men and leading a Bible study with a group of ladies in another part of Livingstone, Zambia.

“We came home fired up, and the Advisory Committee agreed that this would be a good thing. I am so grateful that you have voted to support this young couple in the work that God has called them to do. There is a lot to be done, and it terrifies me that he looks to me as his ‘dad in the Lord.’ We will continue to train him, disciple him and do everything we can to help him. Our church has discovered a new reality. We’ve planted churches in Elbert County, Pueblo County, El Paso County and now God is going to allow us to be a part of planting a church in Zambia!

“I ask you to pray Joshua and Meagan… and for us as we try to help them to be the very best that they can be… they’re doing a wonderful job; let’s support them.”

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