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*From the States (pgs. 5-9)

* Help Your Students Prepare For Church at College (pg. 1)

Dan Carson – In less than a month, my daughter will be starting her freshman year at Central Baptist College in Conway. This is our second and final child to leave for college. It will be just me, the Mrs. and two crazy dogs at the Carson house. While I have worked with students for a number of years, there is nothing quite like watching your own child graduate from high school and head off to the next big step in their life. We send them to college and make sure that they have a credit card for emergencies, a cell phone to call home with and just the right bedding for their dorm room; but are we preparing them for that first Sunday away from us? What steps have we taken, as parents and pastors, to encourage and inform their steps in making their college years important in their service for the kingdom?

* Domestic Violence Training Offered (pg. 1)

The Police and Clergy Alliance (PACA), in cooperation with the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV) will offer “Speak Out” — Domestic Violence Training on Aug. 17, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., with lunch provided. The event will take place at Southwest Community Center, 6401 Baseline Rd., #A, Little Rock. For more information and to ask for an application, call (501) 516-1602. “This training is for anyone with an interest in serving or ministering to those who have been caught in the middle of this type of abuse,” said Drew Cline, pastor of South City Church in Little Rock. “There is a misconception about domestic violence. Many times, we think it is mostly women caught in abusive relationships when it’s actually anyone who has been affected in a home of abuse. This issue is one of the biggest facing our state, and it is why we want to see the church respond with compassion to those in need. Together, we can serve those who feel lost, alone and unloved with the love of Jesus.”

* BPH Shares “Exciting News” (pg. 1)

Baptist Publishing House is excited to share some great news with you! We have had a very strong start and are already seeing orders for the fall quarterly come in via our new, easy-to-use website ( We have been encouraged to see some churches who have not ordered BMA material in several years return to us, and we have also seen many churches increase their orders. This is very encouraging, and we would like to thank our churches for their overwhelming support. We are looking forward to shipping out our new Bible study quarterly, the Baptist Expositor, this fall. This curriculum is going to provide our churches a great deal of flexibility. In addition to the traditional lesson format, students and teachers alike will have Bible study helps within the books to help them prepare throughout the week leading up to class time. The Baptist Expositor is designed to be used for all age groups, from seventh grade to senior adult.

CBC Day is Sept. 15 (pg. 2)

*The following is a message to the churches of the BMA of Arkansas from Duffy Guyton, CBC Director of Church Relations: As the Apostle Paul wrote to his dear friend, Philemon, he prefaced his letter of how he had “great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.” That is our heart about you, the great churches of the BMA of Arkansas.We are very appreciative for your consistent prayers and support throughout the years. Our mission is to transform this generation through higher education that “integrates Christian faith and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment,” but we cannot effectively carry out this mission without you. We are your college for His glory!

Lifeword Welcomes Lauren Crawley (pg. 2)

Holly MeriweatherIt was Jan. 4, 2014, my first day at Lifeword and the beginning of a new area of ministry for me. My role was to fill the shoes of Diane Ward, who had been the national walk coordinator for many years. Five and a half years later, my role is changing, but my love for BMA ministries is not… My title has been director of Church Connections, but Lauren Crawley now has that role, and I will begin to support all ministries at the Global Ministry Center as lead writer. Lauren is Steve Crawley’s daughter-in-law. She is married to his oldest son, Caleb.

Direction > Destination (pg. 3)

Larry Barker -Having grown up in northwest Florida and then pastoring primarily in the north made for some pretty long trips to go visit my parents. Many of those trips were between 12-16 hours, and being a driven person (pun intended) made me focus on getting to our destination as quickly as possible. If you were to ask my children (whose memories are not real good), they would try to make you believe that I would not stop at a gas station on the opposite side of the highway because it would take too long. It does not make any sense to cross over to the other side of the highway anyway, when you are convinced there will be a much more convenient place to stop just 5-10 minutes down the road. Please refrain from judging me because getting to our destination (my parents’ home) was the primary goal of the mission, not enjoying the journey.

15 Heartbreakers In Marriage (pg. 3)

The Late Travis Plumlee (part 1 of 3) – If we are continuously giving off negativity, criticism, blaming and belittling our spouse, we shall reap the harvest these negative seeds of behavior create. We should love our spouse, even when we may not think they deserve it, because we must believe that God will bless us if we live in obedience to Him. According to Scripture, he who waters shall himself be watered. Don’t get tired of doing it; verse 9 said to faint not. We must avoid hurting our spouse and our marriage because we do all things as unto the Lord (Col. 3:17-19, 23). You avoid hurting your spouse, and work at loving your spouse, because you love Jesus. Below are 15 heartbreakers that all married people should avoid because they will slowly destroy a marriage. When these seeds are planted, we will reap a crop of heartache:

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Benton: Arkansas’ First Safe Haven Baby Box, Arkansas Lottery Gives “Paltry Sum” to Students, Netflix Loses 126,000 Customers, Hollywood Tries To Mainstream Abortion, UK Doctor Ousted for Not Calling Bearded Man “She”, Texas Gov. Signs Bill To Stop Infanticide, Amazon Drops Books, Canadian Province Euthanized 774 Patients in Six Months,  ‘Jesus’ Erased From North Korea, Lawsuit Ends Discrimination Against Religious School

Share the Vision (pg. 10)

Brenda Hornaday -Last year, I asked you to “Catch the Vision,” and I hope each of you caught the vision and reached out to those around you. Our theme for the coming year will be “Share the Vision”. Once we have caught the vision, we don’t need to keep it to ourselves. We need to “Share the Vision” as Paul did in Acts 26:19-20. What is the vision? It is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to all people and nations. Jesus loves the little children — red and yellow, black and white. He loves not only the little children, but also the adults — even those we may consider unlovable because of their actions and positions in society. Jesus loves them and we need to share the Gospel with them.

Christianity Has a Fever  (pg. 11)

Paul White (part 1) – This sickness has spread to epidemic proportions. We think we have it good, but in reality, we do not have it any better than before. Christianity has run the gamut on programing, style and versions; but what seems to be missing from many of our worship services is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I’d rather meet under a brush arbor and see souls saved than to simply go through the motions. We sing (or should I say we used to sing), “there is power, power, wonder-working power in the blood.” Friends, if that blood has been applied to our lives we (yes, we!) are to have this power flowing through us and the things we do.

Why My Singleness Matters (pg. 12)

Anna Schaeffer • Baptist Press -If my life played out according to the plan designed by my childhood dreams, I would be married by now with a couple of kids, a car big enough to transport everyone to the beach and a mortgage on a cute little home. Instead, I’m single, have several plants, drive a little Hyundai and share an apartment with two friends.I love the life God has given me, even though my circumstances are pretty much the opposite of what I thought they’d be.Because our God is faithful and kind, He doesn’t lead us through seasons without teaching us lessons of eternal significance along the way. I don’t know all of the reasons behind His design, but I do know that He is using my singleness to direct my affection toward Him.Here are five things He is teaching me through singleness:

No Prayers, Hymns At Graduation (pg. 12)

 “A district court judge ruled that a South Carolina school district cannot allow official prayers or religious music at their graduation ceremonies, bringing an end to a years-long legal battle,” said Michael Gryboski in a July 22 Christian Post report. Judge Bruce Hendricks of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, Charleston Division issued an order on Thursday in the case of American Humanist Association et al v. Greenville County School District. In his decision, Judge Hendricks issued a permanent injunction ordering that the school district, among other things, could not include a prayer “as part of the official program for a graduation ceremony.”

God Takes Lying Seriously (pg. 12)

Mike McEuen(John 8:43-45) – Jesus made some powerful comments to the Pharisees. He said that lying means tying ourselves up with the devil! Jesus came to speak the truth, but people involved with the devil cannot even recognize it.His words outlive a massive universal struggle between the Father of righteousness and the father of lies. And everybody — men and women alike — get swept up in this conflict.Our society is in a state where people, at both the highest and lowest levels, seem perfectly happy saying whatever they want to say. Lying has turned into a way of life. In fact, some critics almost encourage it, giving the impression that we just cannot survive without lying. But God has other ideas!

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