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*The Darlene Carey Christian Academy (pg. 1)

Jimmy Walker -As many of you have heard, lifelong BMA missionary Darlene Carey passed away a few weeks ago. To have known her was to have known a true warrior for our Lord. For many years, she served as a missionary in the Philippines, traveling from village to village, evangelizing, doing women’s ministry, establishing Christian kindergartens and assisting church planters in whatever they needed to help grow the church. She was the first single woman elected by the BMAA to be a missionary, and her example for young girls and women across our work is remarkable…        So we are pleased to announce that our new Christian Academy in the Philippines will be named in her honor — The Darlene Carey Christian Academy.

*2019 Lifeword Sunday Season Begins (pg. 1)

Holly Merriweather -Lifeword Sunday season is upon us! We pray your church family will plan to join the Lifeword team in a day of informing, praying and giving. October 20 (or whichever date your church may choose) is Lifeword Sunday, and our desire is for your church members to understand how Lifeword helps them fulfill their Great Commission calling.Here’s how you can participate in 2019 Lifeword Sunday:

*Right Here in Arkansas (pg. 1)

Razorback Athletics Expands Alcohol Sales; Quapaw Nation Breaks Ground; New Abortion Facility in Little Rock

* Lives Changed! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Over the years I have been at CBC, people often ask me why I do what I do. Why do I continue to serve at CBC? My answer is that I believe in the mission of CBC. That mission is that “Central Baptist College is committed to transforming lives through education that integrates Christian faith and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.” I believe in that mission! It has been my joy to see the lives of countless students transformed during their time at Central Baptist College. It is not too late to make the decision to attend CBC this fall! You can register for fall classes until Aug. 21. If you are struggling with your college decision, please read Sydney’s story below and pray about where God would have you begin your college career in just a few short weeks. If God is urging you to consider Central Baptist College, you can contact Admissions at (501) 329-6873 or visit us at Also on page 2 – CBC Story: Sydney Hawkins and CBC Sports

* The Power of Camp (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Like many of you that work with students and children, church camp is a part of my annual routine. The week of the summer for camp might vary from church to church, but church camp has been a staple in our ministries for many years. In fact, next year will mark the 50th time that the Ozarks Baptist Encampment (OBE) will have met. It continues to amaze me how God uses church camps to call boys and girls, students and even adults into deeper relationship with Him. Last week, I took my youth and children to church camp at OBE and was reminded again at how big and awesome our God is. With 565 campers present, we had 43 profession of faith, 8 rededications and 10 surrendered to ministry.

VBS Reminders (pg. 2)

Reports — VBS results (limited to average attendance, number of professions of faith and offerings collected — amount and for what ministry) will be gladly listed in the “Reports from the Churches” column. Collage — If you’d like to send a photo to be included in a VBS collage that will appear in the Sept. 11 issue, send it no later than Sept. 3 to All photos must be sent full size, in color and in a jpeg format. We will not be able to include out-of-focus snapshots since they would be even fuzzier when printed on newsprint.

Are You Running On Empty? (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – In my sophomore year at Central Baptist College, I was leading the singing in revival services about 100 miles to the south of our campus. Money was very tight, and as I was driving down for the services one evening my gas gauge began to stare back at me when it reached “empty.” It was so low that I began praying for God to stretch out what little fuel I had. Then I covered up the gauge on the dash with a piece of paper so I could not see it any longer. Fortunately, I made the services (on fumes) and a member filled up my tank after the services.

Part III
15 Heartbreakers In Marriage (pg. 3)

The Late Travis Plumlee (Part 3) – In the previous two articles I discussed the top 10 heartbreakers — selfishness, unforgiveness, violating trust, hardness of the heart, ignoring, neglect, dysfunctional disagreements, exploding or imploding anger, detachment/breaking fellowship and verbal abuse. Read the list carefully and pray about it. Ask God to reveal to your heart what you need to work on. Do not circle the list and give it to your spouse. The point of these articles are for you to forge a new relationship with your life partner by examining yourself and finding a new, more Godly way of responding. You can give the articles to your spouse, but you can’t tell them what they need to do. In marriage, we will reap what we sow. God wants your marriage to be successful. There is always hope with Jesus. No problem is unfixable with Jesus. We just have to be willing to submit to His directing of our paths (Prov. 3:5-6).

Are Your Church’s Members & Staff Protected? (pg. 4)

Larry Page – Cultural conditions churches and people of faith find themselves in are far different from what they were in the not too distant past. Christians and their organizations and businesses are being marginalized with ever-increasing frequency and intensity. There is a growing intolerance for and hostility toward our faith. Sometimes, that hostility is acted out, and that has gotten our attention. Hardly a week goes by when a mass shooting isn’t in the news. Public venues — even churches sometimes — are the scenes where these heinous violent attacks on innocent, defenseless people take place. While the odds of that happening in any particular church are rather small, it can and does occur. Is your church prepared for such an event, in the unlikely chance that it may find itself a target of such violence?

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Biblical References Will be Removed; Discovery Near The Sea of Galilee; “Intolerant” News Service Booted From Apple Platform; Pro-Transgender Ads Cost Gillette $8 Billion; Media Threatens Georgia ; Michael W. Smith Center For Commercial Music; Shroud of Turin, Faulty Carbon 14 Dating?

Tiny Renshaw, Minister’s Widow, Dies (pg. 5)

LaJuana Jo “Tiny” Dean Renshaw, 89 of Lubbock, Texas, passed away July 30. Her father was a deacon, and Tiny was raised in church. Saved at the age of 9, she was baptized and became a member of Central Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas. She graduated from Lubbock High School in 1948 and attended Draughon’s Business College, where she was trained in secretarial skills. Next came a move that would change her life — she enrolled in Jacksonville Baptist College at Jacksonville, Texas, where she met a young “preacher boy who was fresh out of the United States Navy.” She and Gordon Renshaw were married Aug. 18, 1950 and both graduated from Jacksonville Baptist College with their Associates Degree. While in Jacksonville, Tiny began her new role as a preacher’s wife as her husband pastored several churches in East Texas. In 1960, he began serving as pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Hope, Ark., where he served for 20 years.

Chesser, Former MRS Dir., Marks 60th Anniversary (pg. 5)

Ron Chesser will celebrate his 60th anniversary in the ministry on Aug. 30. He was saved in 1952 and surrendered to the ministry on Aug. 30, 1959 at Central Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas. His pastor at that time was Dr. John Duggar. He was ordained in November 1962 at the same church, when Dr. E. Harold Henderson was pastor. He enrolled in Jacksonville College in 1961 where he graduated with honors, earning an AA degree. Continuing preparation for the ministry, he enrolled in the BMA Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas, where he graduated with high honors in 1965, earning a Th.B. degree. Since then, he has continued his education at Dallas Baptist University.

It’s Hot & You’re Older; Avoid the Clots! (pg. 5)

Becky Ulmer, Mississippi Baptist -Mississippi (and Arkansas!) are known for their hot weather and humidity. Yes, you may have lived there all your life and worked out in it for 12 hours a day most of your life — but (this is where reality sets in) things change:You were younger, and flexibility and flow tended to be better then.You were more mobile — arthritis, deteriorated joints and back issues tend to feel better at rest or at least with some down time.You tend to drink less water. The control of the water leaving one’s body can alter the desire to drink adequate amounts — especially if plans involve traveling.You may be taking diuretics (fluid pills) or laxatives. Couple this with a decreased intake of water, and the “drying- out effect” can be serious.You may be taking pain or arthritis meds, both which can affect kidney filtering and suppress appetite/thirst.

Scam Alert (pg. 6)

A new variation of social security fraud has invaded the State of Arkansas, threatening the livelihood of Arkansans. This phone scam is typically initiated by someone saying they work for the Social Security Administration and claiming that your Social Security number has been cancelled due to fraud or misuse. In response, Arkansans will often verify their Social Security number over the phone. Once the number is shared, the scam artist steals the victim’s identity and uses it for their own monetary gain and to wreck the credit of the victim. “From Lake Village to Salem to Lewisville, I have met with Arkansans who have received calls from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration stating their number has been cancelled,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Let me be clear — this is a scam to steal your identity to open up fraudulent credit cards — the Social Security Administration will never contact you by phone about your number.”

Properly Directed Ambition (pg. 6)

Martha Brock (Potter’s Wheel) – Ambition is a two-edged sword. Without ambition nothing would, or could be accomplished. With the wrong ambition lives have been lost or spent in failure. With the right ambition great good and prosperity have been accomplished. What does this two-edged sword mean? We think we know, but just to be sure, we check Webster’s Dictionary: “strong desire for success, fame, power, wealth; the thing so desired.” No surprises there. Jesus had a friend with a wrong ambition. His name was Levi-Matthew, and they were friends a long time before the New Testament records it.

Christianity Has a Fever (pg. 7)

Paul White (Part 3) -Christianity has a fever and, like a fever, it pulls us down. In Revelation 3-14, we have God’s message to the church of this age. “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot” (Rev. 3:15); and in 18-19 is our admonition to repent. Too many of God’s churches are like tea kettles sitting on a low burner. Let us pray that God will turn up the heat that the message of all Gospel preaching churches will be heard by all around. Christianity has a fever, and a fever is brought on by infection. Lest the disease and this fever should overtake us, I want to leave you with a true story of a good pastor friend who has gone on to be with Jesus: The church he pastored was growing, and people were being saved and joining the church. The deacons called a meeting and said, “Pastor, we think we are big enough, and we want you to cease your efforts to reach more people.” Heartbroken, he told them that he would give them two weeks to consider what they were saying and to repent or either he would leave. Well, sadly, he left. How sad that a church that was growing has now gone back to barely surviving.

Does Church Membership Matter? (pg. 8)

J.D. Greear • Baptist Press -There was a time when the question of church membership was not much of a question at all. Jump back a generation or two, and nearly every church in the country had a roster of members.Now the question, however, is much more persistent. Many contemporary churches have membership but don’t place much emphasis on it. Others don’t have membership at all, encouraging their people to get involved and engaged without a more formal process.So should believers join their local church?

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