Current News – 8-14-19

* Arkansas’ First Hispanic Church (pg. 1)

Although it was a rainy, stormy day outside, the “Son” was shining brightly on the inside of Iglesia Bautista El Faro (El Faro Baptist Church) Saturday morning, Aug. 10, as they met to organize into Arkansas’ first BMA Hispanic church. The process actually began 13 years ago in the heart of Jorge Vasquez; Hispanic Coordinator Michael Hight and his father, the late I.V. Hight, who was serving as executive director of BMA of Arkansas Missions; and long-time missionary/Hispanic coordinator Buddy Johnson.

* Parrish Injured In Bicycle Accident (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather -Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish was involved in a bicycle accident last Tuesday and has spent time in ICU at Baptist Health Medical Center in Conway, Arkansas. He is being treated for multiple broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a collapsed lung. At present, Parrish is still under hospital care, but hopes to be released soon.“I’m grateful for the many of you who have reached out to our family during this difficult time, and I’m praying for God to grant a full recovery soon. The excellent team at Lifeword has stepped in to make certain Lifeword’s programming and operations are not affected by my absence. I covet your prayers,” said Parrish.

* Just the Crumbs Update (pg. 1)

Lavon Haden -In mid-June, the Just the Crumbs Disaster Relief Ministry set up at Immanuel Baptist Church in Greenbrier and began reaching out to as many of the 1,600 families displaced by the Arkansas River flooding as possible, feeding residents and volunteers and handing out cleaning and basic daily living supplies. We delivered meals to displaced people and volunteers assisting in clean-up in Pine Bluff, Willow Beach, Conway, and Greenbrier. We contacted the Arkansas Disaster Relief Recovery organization to find out where we could do the most good, and they kept us informed of volunteers coming in and residents who might need help. The area we were in had the second-highest number of flooded houses.

* Fall Ark. District Meeting Schedule (pg. 1)

The BMA of Arkansas annual meeting is scheduled for Nov. 7-8 at Central Baptist College in Conway. The following is a list this year’s fall annual Arkansas district meetings. The list includes the name of the association, the date, time and location of the meeting and the name of the moderator. Any changes to this list should be sent to Diane Spriggs at

* Tyson Signs With AI (pg. 2)

Jessica Sawyer, CBC Tower Web EditorJake Tyson, a 2018 Central Baptist College graduate, has signed a contract with Ambassador International for his debut novel, Vigilante’s Light. Tyson said he began writing Vigilante’s Light in the fall of 2018, shortly after he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. “It came together surprisingly fast, probably about four to five months,” said Tyson. Tyson said that his major in Journalism, while not specifically focused on fiction writing, helped better his writing. “I think overall those [journalism] courses just helped me become a better writer in general,” said Tyson. “Features, Editorials, and Reviews focused a lot on writing in general and the craft of writing so that was a big help.” Tyson said he was thrilled when Ambassador International contacted him about officially signing with them.

Fall 2019 is Upon Us! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Fall 2019 semester officially begins on Aug. 22, but as you read the CBC Profile this week, the campus is already in full swing! Our annual pre-college meeting was held Monday, Aug. 12. This is the one time of the year that all CBC employees come together for a time of fellowship and planning to kick off the new academic year. This week, we will also hold new faculty orientation and new employee orientation. I hope to introduce you all to our new faculty and staff members as the semester progresses!

Friday Nights in Arkansas (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – I’m not sure what your fall Friday nights are like, but for the past five years, you would find me and my wife alongside the Har-Ber High School Wildcat Band. As a youth pastor, I would still make time to visit some of the games my other students were playing in, but you could count on seeing us with Har-Ber Band on most Fridays. Now that my son and daughter have graduated from high school, I find myself in a unique place. Technically, I am no longer a “Band Dad.” Some friends have told me, “Once a Band Dad, always a Band Dad.” That may be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that my Friday nights are going to look different beginning this fall. Currently, I don’t have any students that cheer, play ball or march in the band on Friday nights. It is a weird place that I find myself in. So, what do I do? How do you and I handle Friday nights during the football season?

Two–Minute Challenge (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – In football, there is what is known as the two-minute warning. At the end of each half, both teams receive a warning that there are only two minutes before the game is over. Some say this is when the game really begins, and quite often, the team who has possession of the ball last wins the game. There can be more action in the last two minutes than there was the entire game. They have practiced and prepared repeatedly for this two-minute window of time to utilize it for maximum impact and can see great success through precise execution. What if you utilized this same principle for the spiritual battle you face every day?

Are You Hungry? (pg. 3)

Martha Brock – Have you ever had that empty, hollow feeling? Sometimes we get a sick feeling. One guy I know calls it the weak trembles. I have a story about just such a little boy. The boy’s name is Thaddeus. Not everyone knows his name, but a lot of people know what he did. Thad lived in a little house by the coast of Galilee, a beautiful lake surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys. In some places, it is called a wilderness and others a “grassy place” with natural amphitheaters. Well, on this particular day, Thad was lonely. His mother was sick and all his family was busy taking care of her. They had been kind to Thad, but when someone you love is very sick, you just can’t be happy.

He Knows You By Name (pg. 4)

Mike Strong – Do you ever feel alone — like no one will take care of you like you are unwanted? Do you ever feel like no one sees or hears you? Do you feel like your needs go unnoticed? Odds are if you don’t feel that way now, you have felt that way at some time in the past or will feel it in the future. Satan has been selling us all a lie since the beginning: “God doesn’t really love you and want you to have what is good for you. He is withholding good from you.” The pain that multiplies in these times of isolation and testing can feel like more than we can handle. To be honest, without Christ they are more than we can handle. But with Christ, we can not only survive them but also see blessings in them. Christ is our good shepherd, and He will take care of all of our needs.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

China Removes Christian Terms From Children’s Classics; Abortion Mandate Loses in Court; Netflix Adds Transgender Storyline to Cartoon; “The Hunt” is Shot Down; Arkansas is #11 in Suicide Deaths

National WMA Minutes (pg. 5)

The National WMA met in Rogers at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center for their business meeting on May 6, with 101 messengers and 12 visitors present. President Jodi Rhea gave the welcome and recognized guests. Arkansas President Kelly Williams presented Mrs. Rhea with a gift of a cross-stitched picture made by Pat Duncan. Judy Wallace, Jerene Reddin, and Marita Yerton led a medley of songs.  Janet Widger gave a report on the offerings at this year’s meeting: project, $3,134.72; General Fund, $837.76. The total amount collected for the project was $75,586.05. During the business session, Linda Faye Dertinger read these officers recommendations, which were all accepted.

Oops! (pg. 5)

The mailing address for the BMA Missions Office that was listed on page five of last week’s Baptist Trumpet (to send memorials for Tiny Renshaw) was incorrect. The correct address is P.O. Box 878, Conway, Ark. 72033.

Celebrate With El Faro (pg. 7)

Paul White – This has been one of those weeks mission directors long for — El Faro organized into a local church Saturday! It was a great service and the meal that followed was as good. I thank Jorge Vasquez for his dedication to the El Faro work. As Michael Hight said, “It was a surreal moment to see a vision to the point of completion.” Please continue to pray for El Faro, as a former missionary, I can tell you these are scary times for the missionary pastor. (See related articles on page 1 and in the reports below; also see a photo collage on page 8.)

Old Photos to Share? (pg. 8)

This photo was taken at the organizational meeting of the North American Baptist Association (now BMA of America) at what was then the “new” Temple Baptist Church in Little Rock (now South City Church) building on Wright Avenue in 1950. It was given to the Baptist Trumpet by Harold Schmeckenbecher who (as an infant) was present at the meeting. Harold has asked our readers to share their old photos of the BMA (or of Temple Baptist Church) with him. They can be sent to him at He is a professional photographer and will share them with the Trumpet later so they can be included in an upcoming issue.

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