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*From The States (news from other BMA state works) (pgs. 5-8)

* Trumpet Launches New Digital Format (pg. 1)

Assistant Editor Jeff Herring -We are excited to announce that we will be offering a new interactive digital format that will be hosted on our website. It will be in a responsive format that will adapt to whatever device the user is on. The best feature of this new format is the ability to click on the article to bring up the full text of the article in a text-only box that allows you to read it in larger print. You will also be able to click on pictures to see a larger image. This allows us to not only get the news out in a timely manner but also in a more effective way for everyone to have access to the latest BMA news. We believe this is the best way to get your news from the Baptist Trumpet, and this week’s interactive edition will be offered free to anyone who wants to check it out. You can find the link on our website ( and on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( accounts. Please check it out and see how it works for you, and we also encourage you to share the Aug. 28 issue with others. While this format allows for more interactive features, the original pdf digital file will still be available for those that like to download it.

*BMA of Arkansas to Meet (pg. 1)

It is always a special time when the BMA of Arkansas meets each fall to worship together, rejoice together regarding what all the Lord is doing, and seek the Lord together regarding His business. This year’s BMA of Arkansas annual meeting will again be held at Central Baptist College in Conway. The dates are Thursday and Friday, Nov. 7-8. A tentative program is included in this issue on page 3. The following information was supplied by Duffy Guyton, director of Church Relations at CBC and BMA of Arkansas President Wade Allen. This and other pertinent information, including the church letter, will also appear soon on the Baptist Trumpet website at (See page 3 for Tentative Program)

* ChangeMakers 100: Missions Director Does it Again (pg. 1)

Holly MeriweatherIt started innocently enough… Missions Executive Director John David Smith wanted to reach a personal fitness goal on his 50th birthday in 2018. An avid cyclist for 7 years, he was averaging 70 miles per week when that goal became a fundraiser called ChangeMakers 100 during a break at the office. “In January of 2018,” Smith says, “I told my boys (Josiah and Seth) that my goal for my 50th birthday was to ride 100 miles. So I began to increase my distance each week. Then, months later, in a casual conversation with the Production team guys, I mentioned I’d like to raise awareness somehow through the bike ride.

*Matching Donation Offered For Philippines School (pg. 1)

Doug Lee, Stan Scroggins & Jimmy Walker -This last week, the new Darlene Carey Christian Academy received news of a $10,000 matching donation. That means that any financial gift we receive up to $10,000 dollars will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Last month, we began raising funds for 12 additional classrooms with each room costing around $10,000. We have until the end of December to meet this $10,000 matching challenge. If we do, this will give us funds for 3 of the 12 classrooms needed. You can help! We can’t think of a better way to honor the legacy of sister Darlene for her faithfulness to the Lord than through establishing this academy. Send your financial gift to the BMAA Missions Office, P.O. Box 878, Conway, Ark. 72033 and designate your gift to the Darlene Carey Christian Academy.

Stampede Open House (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Central Baptist College Stampede Preview Days are scheduled 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on both Wednesday, Oct. 2 and Wednesday, Nov. 6. Registration is already open at For more information, contact the CBC Admissions Office at either or (501) 329-6873. Stampede Preview Days are designed to give prospective students and parents an opportunity for a very personal experience of all that CBC has to offer. At a Stampede Day, you can visit with current students, meet faculty members in the degree areas in which you are interested, take a guided campus tour and experience a weekly chapel service. (Also see CBC Sports Scores, pg. 2)

50 Years of Ministry (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This past Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church of Fayetteville, we celebrated my lead pastor, Kirk Shelton. Pastor Kirk has been faithfully preaching the Word for 50 years, an amazing testament to God’s goodness and Kirk’s faithfulness over the years. Kirk has served in a variety of roles: ABS leader, denominational worker, missionary and pastor. However, there has never been any doubt as to what is his primary calling. He is a preacher of God’s Word, and he has been faithful to follow that calling.

Are You Over-Functioning? (pg. 3)

Larry Barker -The need to face your limitations openly and honestly cannot be overstated. Leaders are not spiritual supermen. You cannot do it all yourself, nor should you because it builds an unhealthy church culture. You may be carrying the workload of three people, but it is not healthy for you, nor is it healthy for your church. You need to consider if you really need that ministry or system if you do not have the necessary leaders to carry the workload. There will be seasons where your workload will be overwhelming, but that cannot be sustained long term.

You Just Have to See It! (pg. 3)

Movie Review (Editor) – I had heard a lot of wonderful things about “Overcomer,” which opened nationwide in theaters Aug. 23; and after seeing it on opening day with my husband, good friend and Administrative Assistant Marene Hearst and her husband, J.C. on opening day, I agree with all those things! It is inspirational, has a great Christian message, the script is well written, the actors are totally believable, it will make you laugh and make you cry, and the list goes on and on. You just have to see it for yourself to understand. The movie, which is based on Ephesian 1-2, focuses on identity, a theme with which many people are struggling. It is the latest film created by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick and follows their No. 1 box office hit “War Room.”

It’s That Time of Year Again (pg. 4)

Editor – As we close out this year, I’d just like to say “thank you” one more time to every one of you who has supported the Trumpet this year. We surely couldn’t do what we do without you! Our Special Emphasis total this year was almost half what it was last year ($31,792.80 compared to $60,057 in 2018). On top of that, we have had several big expenses — major work on our septic system (our part was over $5,000!), repairs to the van, and others unexpected costs. Plus, we’ve had to double up on salaries so that Maddy could train Jeff; and we’ll have to do it again since I’ve hired Jen Marvel to replace Marene Waters Hearst. But God (my two favorite words!) has always supplied our needs, and I know He can (and will) stretch the funds we have and send us more, just like He stretched those loaves and fishes. Again, thank you all so much, and may God bless you for your faithful support of this ministry I love so dearly!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

 Huge Win For Women’s Health; Evidence Of Babylonian Conquest; “ Unplanned” Actress Launches Scholarship; Redefining “Sex” Problematic

Praying for a Prodigal (pg. 8)

Ask God for wisdom. Our children are not really ours, they’re on loan to us. It is a journey of faith!  Ask God for strength. Struggling with a prodigal child is a “spiritual battle that causes a constant drain of energy, emotion, and enthusiasm. In a time of struggle, we need strength. Ask God to fill your heart with love. Prodigals need to see their parents demonstrate unconditional love, and that kind of love can only be produced by the Holy Spirit. The power of love changes lives.

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 9)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales, Dominican Republic & Round Rock, Texas

Just One More Time (pg. 9)

Melissia Zinn -The crops were ‘laid by’ in Southeast Missouri and it was time for the annual first-week-in-August revival at the Baptist Church in the small town of Kewanee. The evangelist, Cecil Burgess, had been called and he had readily accepted the invitation to preach the week-long meeting. Revival time was the highlight of our family’s summer. We lived on a small farm five miles from the backside of “somewhere,” and there were no video games to play all day and half the night, no smartphones — not even Facebook. Besides, it was in an August revival a few years earlier that my mother, an older brother and I had come to Christ when I was eight; and 14 others accepted Christ that week — several of whom were my closest friends. To say that excitement ran high at the church each year during August was an understatement.

Viable: The Truth Presented in One Act (pg. 9)

In late September, a unique dramatic stage play will be making its way across Arkansas that will expose a mother’s struggle with guilt, shame and regret over an abortion 30 years prior, and the unforgettable moment when she finds forgiveness, mercy, and grace in Jesus Christ. The Arkansas Tour begins in Springdale on Friday, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. at St. Raphael Catholic Church Parish Hall, 1386 S. West End Street; followed by Jonesboro, Saturday, Sept. 28, time and place to be determined. The tour then comes to Little Rock on Sunday, Sept. 29 for a 6:30 p.m. performance at Covenant Presbyterian Church, #1 Covenant Drive off of Chenal Blvd. Before leaving the state, there will be a final performance in Texarkana on Monday, Sept. 30, time and place to be determined.

In the Beginning… God (pg. 10)

(Potter’s Wheel, Martha Brock) – Many ages ago, a good Father lived high in Heaven. He was clothed with glory and power and ruled completely from His holy realm. The father had a good Son who loved the Father with all His mind, soul and might. The Son was pleased to do his Father’s will. The two ruled the holy realm and were served by powerful and wonderful creatures.  The angels loved them and ordered the kingdom according to their word. One day, the Son saw that the Father was sad.

My Car Kept Dying (pg. 10)

Dr. Tony Cleaver – Some years ago I wrote about my complications with the fob on my new pickup. Some of you will remember my learning curve involving no key for a vehicle. Well, now I have another POT story (POT stands for Pore Ole Thang) to tell you. I bought my wife a different car. It too had a fob. I was ready this time for any fob complications, for I had previously learned all about having a fob for your car. We got through with the paperwork and drove her car out of the dealership. I noticed when I stopped at a traffic signal or a stop sign the car died, that is the motor stopped running. When I stepped on the gas the car would start again. This was perturbing to me. The car kept dying. I knew in my heart I had just bought a lemon. The earliest appointment with the dealership was the next day, and I was going to give them a piece of my mind!

Getting a Grip on our Emotions (pg. 11)

Guilt: Part 2 of 3 (Paul White) – Objective guilt results in disobedience, subjective guilt is only imaginary. With objective guilt, we did something wrong. Such acts of disobedience produce feelings of guilt. We feel guilty because we are guilty. We have a disturbing sense of remorse, regret, and shame because we have, in fact, sinned against the Lord. We have lost self-esteem and we expect punishment. It can also lead to feeling like no one wants us around because we are so bad. While we should never deny the reality of objective guilt, the thing to do is to face up to what we have done and seek God’s forgiveness. Only then can we have the peace God desires us to have.

National Senior Adult 2019 to Feature Dennis Swanberg (pg. 11)

Donny Parrish -Dr. Dennis Swanberg, “The Swan,” is considered by many as “America’s Minister of Encouragement.” He will be one of the featured artists at the 2019 National Senior Adult Conference in Branson, Mo., Nov. 18-20 at the Branson Convention Center in Branson, Mo. Cost for the three-day conference is only $125/person and includes two buffet breakfasts. The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is the headquarters hotel for this event.  You may register for the conference and make your hotel reservations at or book your rooms by calling the Hilton directly at (866) 442-0959 and use the GROUP CODE NSA19. All attendees are urged to stay at the Hilton so the price of the conference can remain low for all.

Love Is… (pg. 12)

Love is patient. When your spouse provokes you, you hang in there. You wait it out and then handle the dispute calmly at another time. You don’t rush the person into growth or change, either. Like a gardener, you watch the other mature and blossom — with patience. Love is kind. While patience is the lack of a nasty reaction, kindness is a positive reaction. Kindness reaches out to help, even when the other doesn’t seem to merit it. Love does not envy. There is no mental uneasiness over the other’s success — no sulking because our partner is experiencing something we were denied.

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