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*From the States (news from other BMA state works) (pgs. 4-5)

*Ten Ways to Show Love to Your Pastor & Staff (pg. 1)

October is pastor appreciation month. The history of appreciating those ordained by God goes back to Bible times. The apostle Paul writes that “the elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17). In 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, Paul suggests those whom God has chosen to work among believers should be held in the highest regard in love for their work. Most important: do something. Involve as many people as possible. Don’t neglect to say “thank you” to the pastor and church staff who are always there for your congregation.

*It’s Popular to be LGBTQ! (pg. 1)

Anders Lee — Via Mississippi Baptist — The times have drastically changed. When I was a teenager in South Mississippi in the 80s, it was taboo to talk about the promiscuity of the youth around us or the fact that one of them was “expecting.” Today, teens use sexual terms openly in everyday conversations, and one thing is abundantly clear in their dialogue — it’s very popular to be gay or a lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning. Our youth and college students today are facing an unprecedented effort by liberal news agencies, social media and their circle of friends to embrace the LGBTQ movement. They are being indoctrinated by the public on a massive scale, and this effort is invading the local church. “So how do we handle this issue in the context of our churches, and in particular in our youth groups? Let me admit that I cannot begin to fully address this subject in one article, so my thoughts are not exhaustive, but here are some points:

*AR WMA Retreat 2019… (pg. 1)

The 2019 Arkansas Ladies Retreat was a great time in the Lord. Over 65 gathered at Budd Creek Baptist Camp September 20-21. Our speaker, Jaclyn Rowe, truly blessed us all! Our key verse was Philippians 3:14, “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

*CBC Stampede Day a Success! (pg. 2)

Our first fall Stampede Preview Day was held on Wednesday, October 2. We welcomed 28 prospective students plus their families, for approximately 50 total guests, on campus. The day included campus tours, lunch, a Majors Fair and our weekly Chapel service. The faculty, staff, current students and administration got the opportunity to connect with each prospective student and their guests personally.

At the end of the day, drawings were held for door prizes and three scholar- ships. Scholarship recipients were Ashton Wilhelm from Clark County Christian School in Arkadelphia, Sarah Smith from Greers Ferry High School, and Seth Daniel from Conway High School.

*Next Stampede Day / Thank you! / Homecoming 2020 (pg. 2)

Next Stampede Day is scheduled for November 2…Thank you for referring students to CBC…Mark your calendars for January 31 and February 1 for Homecoming 2020!

*The Power of Mission Trips (pg. 2)

Dan Carson — When I look at the students connected to the youth group at our church, there are many things that I hope for them. I want to see them succeed in school. I want to see them have good relationships. I want them to be happy. While those are all good things, they aren’t the most important. However, if I’m not careful, those things can become the focus of my ministry with them. I have to remind myself that it’s all about Jesus. It is our job and our responsibility to make Him known in our students’ lives and world. After salvation, I am to help them see the importance of joining Jesus in His great mission. This desire has shaped my thinking and practice as I have worked with students these last several years. Before they graduate, I want to see my saved students go on at least one mission trip.

The question becomes “why?” Why should we encourage our students to give up a part of their summer or spring break to travel to another part of the country or world? Why have them serve and do work that they could and should be doing in their own communities?

*Integrity Matters (pg. 3)

Larry Barker — Integrity is defined as the state of being whole. It is the condition or quality of being undivided. Integrity describes those who adhere to their ethical or moral standards without hypocrisy or duplicity! Proverbs 11:3 says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” Duplicity is the very opposite of integrity and it describes someone who is deceitful in their speech and conduct. They are hypocrites because they act two different ways to people concerning the same matter. The scriptures place a very high value on integrity. The book of Proverbs stresses over and over the importance of integrity stating that it is of much greater value than riches. C.S. Lewis says that, “integrity is doing the right thing, even if no one is watching!” Integrity is telling the truth even when it is uncomfortable, difficult, and much easier to tell a lie. Integrity refuses to make assumptions about people’s motives without checking the facts. Integrity is committed to resisting the temptation to make quick judgments without giving people the benefit of the doubt.

We Must Link Arms! (pg. 3)

By Scott CarsonVia Mississippi Baptist — When I was a child, maybe six or seven years old, I lived with my family on the shores of Lake Kampeska near Watertown, SD. There were many children in my neighborhood, which was by the lake. The children often played kick-the-can, softball, cowboys and Indians, hide and go seek and one game called “Red Rover.” This game called for two teams of kids to line up opposite each other. Then one team called out, “Red rover, red rover, send (player’s name) on over!” The person called ran to the other line and attempted to break the chain that was formed by the linking of hands…I believe the time is coming — and much sooner than I thought it would — when conservative Christians will be forced to lay aside our small differences, link arms and mutually support one another from the onslaughts of the wicked one! We are rapidly moving toward the final days when the great rapture of believers will take place and the terrible seven years of tribulation will be ushered in by the anti-christ.

Former BMA Pastor Dies (pg. 7)

Knoxville Church to Merge (pg. 6)

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tenn. recently voted to unite with Son Light Baptist Church in Knoxville…

Functional Atheism: How Pervasive? How Harmful? (pg. 7)

If a time-traveler from the Early Church secretly followed you from Monday till Saturday evening, would they be able to tell you’re a Christian? The answer for many of us just isn’t very clear… and that’s no accident. Many Christians live lives indistinguishable from secularists. The reason? Well, quite simply, secular- ism is the default state of our culture. It’s the water we swim in—the air we all breathe. Or, as author Craig Gay put it in his book, “The Way of the Modern World,” the problem isn’t atheism. In fact, a                                 is hard to find. The problem, he said, is “practical atheism.”

Abandonment and Neglect (part 1 of 4) — Getting a Grip on our Emotions (pg. 7)

My name is Lydia Dunlap and I am writing on the behalf of the National GMA program in hopes to provide you with information on what this program could mean for your church! Girls Missionary Auxiliary, or GMA, is a discipleship program for girls in the 4th – 12th grade. This program provides a Christian environment where “counselors” (any godly lady in your church) can mentor girls and where any girl can come to be mentored. The GMA coursework allows girls study, memorize Scripture, participate in service projects, learn about missionaries, and interact with our current BMA missionaries. Big or small, old school or modern, country or city, your girls need Jesus, and GMA is a great way to show them Scripture, love, and the plan of salvation. As a girl who has gone through 8 years of the program so far, I have seen incredible growth in so many lives. Girls without godly role models can find their support community in their GMA counselors, and ladies can find God’s call to pour into young girls. This program teaches how to follow the example of the Proverbs 31 woman, the women heroes of faith, and so much more! This program has led many girls to Christ and on to places of service.

Safety First — Plugging the Leaks in Your Budget (pg. 8)

The small drip under a restroom sink goes unnoticed for weeks. Then one day, a staff member arrives to find three inches of standing water in the ministry office area. The flooding destroys books, computer equipment and furniture. The resulting cost and cleanup efforts could have been avoided with a preventive maintenance program.

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