Current News – 10-16-2019

* State Meeting Breakout Sessions (pg. 1)

Wade Allen -At this year’s state meeting, we will once again be hosting multiple breakout sessions on Thursday afternoon in an effort to provide you with practical tools for your ministry. Our theme this year is Grace, and our goal is to understand it, experience it and extend it to others! Two of our breakout sessions will focus on extending grace to people who are in crisis. We are blessed to have Chaplain Scott Martin of Arkansas Children’s Northwest and Maria Speer of Life Choices as our guest speakers. Both Scott and Maria are alumni of Central Baptist College. (Updated schedule on page 8 of this issue.)

*Man Baptized at Church he Vandalized Six Months Earlier (pg. 1)

Tobin Perry, Baptist Press – Feb. 28, 2019, was one of the worst days of 23-year-old Brenton Winn’s life. But it paved the way for one of the best. Angry at God after he relapsed from an addiction to methamphetamines, despite spending time at a faith-based recovery program, Winn knew nothing about Central Baptist Church at Conway when he broke in that February evening. (See March 6, 2019, Baptist Trumpet, page 1, “Man Ransacks Central in Conway, Arrest Made.”)High on drugs, Winn went on a rampage and destroyed $100,000 of church property, including laptops, cameras and other electronics. He remembers little of that night, except that he felt desperate. Six months later, Winn stood in a baptismal pool at Central Baptist Church as Mike Lefler, the church’s associate pastor of ministries, celebrated the young man’s decision to follow Christ through baptism.

*The Lifeword App (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather – Executive Director Donny Parrish says, “The best part of the Lifeword app is the on-demand programming. You don’t have to wait to see videos. You can watch them any time then use them to share a video or blog with someone.” Also due to cloud technology, the Lifeword app is now available and your media ministry team is excited to introduce it. But we’re even more excited for you to use it. When you download the app, you’ll see three parts — videos, blogs and donations — all of which you can share with people who need to know who Jesus is. Lifeword Sunday 2019 (Oct. 20 or any day you choose) is a chance for your church to learn about Lifeword by downloading and showing the video, praying for and giving to your media ministry that reaches the world. If you have questions or need information, contact Lauren at (501) 205-1127 or  Celebrate Lifeword and help us reach even more of the world with the gospel!

*Staying Connected to Your Students & Families (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Here we are — it is halfway through October, and Friday nights are in full swing. You are teaching your fall series, and everything seems to be moving forward. However, we have to pause along the way to make sure that we are staying connected with our students. It is important for them to know that someone is in their corner as they face the challenges of school and life. It can be easy to fall into the tasks of ministry and forget about the relationships that make up that ministry. You may be blessed to have plenty of volunteers and small group leaders, but I know, for many working in our churches, that is simply not the case. You may only have one other person working alongside you as you pour into students, and it can be hard to check on your students when your “real” job is filling your plate with activity. It can be difficult to make your students feel important when other things in life are weighing you down. However, one of the most important “tasks” that we should be concerned with is building relationships with our students and their families.

Upcoming PACE Registration (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – PACE (Professional Adult College Education) has provided academic excellence in a flexible Christ-centered environment for almost 20 years. This unique college degree program has changed or enhanced the career path of hundreds of adult students, of all ages. For some people, it has helped begin a college degree and bring focus to a career path. For others, it has helped them complete their degree that was halted by life’s circumstances. No matter the circumstance that brought them to Central Baptist College. They all now have a career direction and, they hope, are prepared to see their dream career come true. With eight enrollment periods per year and five-week courses, you always have an opportunity to get started. Take advantage of our $500 BMAA Grant that applies for all students who attend a BMAA church, the Ministry Tuition Grant or the Veterans Tuition Grant. Classes are offered in-class, online or in a hybrid option. The deadline for new student applications for the first enrollment period of the spring semester is Friday, Dec. 6.

*Who Owns a Ministry’s Sermons and Music? (pg. 8)

Hint: It may not be the people who created them. Pastors have been publishing their sermons for centuries. Talented worship leaders often record and share their music. You might think that the person who creates a work owns all rights to it, but copyright law isn’t that simple. Learn how your ministry can avoid costly misunderstandings over intellectual property rights.

Turner St. Baptist Church is Now Epic Church

Jake McCandless, Pastor -After a difficult trial and a tough stretch this past year, Turner Street Baptist Church in Springdale has been making strides to position ourselves to once again reach our community and make an impact for Christ. These strides have led us to begin the process of replanting as Epic Church NWA, a church that is fully committed to the BMA. The first step was a unanimous decision on May 5 to not fold, sell or give the building to another church, but to put in the hard work and sacrifice to replant. Our congregation had already made sure our building was used for the gospel by opening it up to two other congregations. 

SFA/ABS Update (pg. 3)

John Shackelford -Summer is over and the streets are full again here in the Piney Woods. Over 2,500 students attended five different Freshman Orientations over the summer, and the ABS was able to make contact with several students and their families. The Association of Baptist Students (ABS) is celebrating 19.5 years of service on the campus of Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Some of our regular activities include a Back-to-School BBQ, the Third Annual ABS BBQ, and the Sixth Annual Wellness Fair. Weekly meals are also provided by Dupree Tire, Mahl, Westside and Springhill. About 150 students are served each day around noon, and they also receive a scripture via an app called Remind. (It’s like a text message.)

Evangelism Still Matters (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Paul states clearly in II Cor. 5:14 that Christ’s love compelled him to obey the Lord. The Word describes a pressure that produces action. It is not enough to say you love what Jesus loves. You must take the next step and prove it by how you live your life. In the area of evangelism Paul did not just talk about sharing his faith; he shared it faithfully. He speaks of his eagerness to go to Rome, Corinth and other places so that he might share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. He even says he would gladly be cursed so that Israel would be saved.

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Cris & Alicia Samson (Philippines); Michel & Ruth Poirier (Canada,  Haiti & Africa)

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

“Inclusive” Doll Aims To Desensitize Children; Camden: Public Drinking?; Australia: Abortions up to Birth; Linebacker Takes a Stand on Headbands; Clergy Blesses Abortion Clinic; Calif.: Free Abortions at all Colleges and Universities; New School Year Spurs Religious Liberty Battles

Personality Profile (pg. 5)

Jen Marvel, Baptist Trumpet Bookkeeper

Central Men Meet (pg. 5)

Bill Thornton – The Central Arkansas District Brotherhood met at The Church at Willow Beach in North Little Rock for their quarterly meeting on Oct. 14 with 52 in attendance. The $258 offering will go to Lifeword. The following officers were re-elected: President Robbie Staton, Vice President Randy Rogers, Sec./Treas. Bill Thornton. Our program was on “Security in Our Churches.” State Trooper Josh Nance showed a model on how to prevent an active shooter in our churches. Our next meeting will be at Pleasant Grove, Carlisle on Jan. 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Dead Man Walking (pg. 5)

Martha Brock – Fate — the word means doom, necessity, destiny. There is an expression that is fashionable now and it draws the picture — Dead Man Walking. There’s no need to explain; we all understand. A lot of people thought that was the picture of Jesus. Take for instance the early followers who turned away from Him. “He keeps talking like this, and the temple bunch is going to get Him. He is just asking for trouble. I’m out of here, man,” was the consensus. Even Judas, His friend, called out “Teacher, Teacher” and betrayed Him with a kiss. He figured the world would not allow Jesus to continue His doctrine of love. Judas was sure it was just a matter of time. Judas was surely thinking that Jesus was a Dead Man Walking. And Peter, who declared, “I won’t deny you,” probably wanted to add, “even though you are a Dead Man Walking.” When Jesus needed a friend, Peter crumbled.

A Dead Church and a Living Church (pg. 6)

Paul Gauntt (via Baptist Progress) -There were two churches in Asia Minor that were complete polar opposites — the persecuted church that was alive in Smyrna; and the aristocratic, prestigious, wealthy church that was dead in Laodicea. To which would you rather belong? One would think Laodicea would be one where revival fires burn because there was so much money, so many resources, so many grand opportunities to really change the world for Christ and so many privileges which would give them great visibility in the city — or perhaps throughout all Asia Minor and even the world! Laodicea was likely a magnet for great businessmen and political leaders. After all, if one truly wanted to rub shoulders with the elite and bolster business or political careers, the prestigious church in downtown Laodicea would be the most likely place. But far too often, wealth, prestige and power have proven to be killers of fellowships. They have served as nothing but cold water to be doused on revival fires.

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