Current News – 11-13-2019

• Listing of BMA of Arkansas Officers, Directors & Committees (pg. 8)

• Photo Collage of the BMA of Arkansas Meeting (pg. 8)

• BMA of Arkansas Directors’ Reports (pgs. 4-5)

• BMA of Arkansas Marks 70 Years

Editor —The 70th annual BMA of Arkansas meeting was held last Thursday and Friday, Nov. 7-8, at Central Baptist College. The theme, as chosen by President Wade Allen, was “Experiencing Grace Through Pain and Suffering,” and that topic was covered during the four breakout sessions on Thursday morning, including one for Spanish-speaking attendees.As always, a highlight of the meeting was the annual sermon. This year, David Inzer (pastor of Landmark Baptist Church at England), spoke on the subject “We Need To Go Back” — to the Bible, to the church and to the lost. (His message — along with the Friday morning devotional, “Characteristics of a “Characteristics of a Faithful Father,” by Bart Herrington, pastor of South Main Baptist Church in Malvern; and the devotional that was presented in Thursday’s Missionary Committee meeting, “What Time is It?” by Rodney Castleberry, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church at White Hall — are available in audio form on the Baptist Trumpet’s website at department leaders were re-elected, and a listing of their contact information, as well as a listing of the various committees and committee members and a collage of photos from the meeting, are on page 8 of today’s Trumpet.

• National Directors’ Reports (pg. 1)

Dr. Charley Holmes, BMA Seminary & Baptist Publishing House —In the last 30 days, I have visited probably 10 different local and state associations, and I’ve had a couple of reoccurring questions and I’ll try to answer those questions tonight: “What kind of relationship does the BMA Seminary possibly have with the Southern Baptist Convention?” Let me put it this way — zero!I’ve also had people ask me, “What kind of working relationship do we have with the American Baptist Association?” The very simple answer — zero! Because our Doctrinal Statement is not compatible with the Southern Baptist Convention, and our Doctrinal Statement is not compatible with the American Baptist Association. If anybody wants to know why and where, you can speak to me after the meeting and I’ll be glad to tell you exactly where it does not equal out to ours.The second thing is that there is a lot of talk, particularly among younger pastors, about some movements that are going on in larger Baptist life and larger Baptist groups than ours, and three of these things have come up on a regular basis:

• Housing Allowance Distribution Request (pg. 1)

Dr. Steve Crawley – If you are retired, or will be retiring, and wish to begin tax-free distributions for your housing expenses from your BMA America 403(b)(9) account in 2020, you must submit a Housing Allowance Distribution form by Monday, Dec. 16. This form is available on the MRS website at Upon approval by the Ministers Resource Services (MRS) Board of Trustees, your form will remain on file with MRS and Envoy Financial until you revise or request it to be removed. Thus, if you filed a form last year and do not wish to revise, you do not need to file again this year.  If you need assistance, please call our office at (844) 262-8637 or email

• Grimsley Charitable Gift Annuity Announced (pg. 1)

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Grimsley, of Springdale, recently secured a two-life $1,000,000 charitable gift annuity through the BMA Foundation to benefit Central Baptist College and BMA Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. The Grimsleys are long-time BMA church members and have been generous donors to other BMA entities through the years. He has served as deacon at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Springdale for approximately 50 years, and has also served as church clerk, song leader and adult Sunday School teacher for many years. Mrs. Grimsley is currently serving as organist, assistant pianist and church clerk.

Nov. 6 Stampede Day a Success! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Our second fall Stampede Preview Day was held on Wednesday, Nov. 6. We welcomed 16 prospective students, plus their families, for approximately 35 total guests on campus. The day included campus tours, lunch, a Majors Fair and a panel discussion comprised of current students and their parents who were all CBC alumni. The faculty, staff, current students and administration got the opportunity to connect with each prospective student and their guests personally. At the end of the day, drawings were held for door prizes and two scholarships. Scholarship recipients were Paige Benafield (a homeschool student from Conway) and Madison Spears from Greenbrier High School. If you could not make it for a fall Stampede Preview Day, we have another day coming up on Friday, Jan. 31. The spring preview day is scheduled in conjunction with our Homecoming activities. Visit for more information and to reserve your spot today! (Also see CBC Sports pg. 2)

An Army of Servants (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This past week, I had the opportunity to be at the BMA of Arkansas meeting at Central Baptist College of Conway. It was a good meeting, and I had the opportunity to connect with many while there. There is something special about our meeting times at CBC. It is time for relations to be renewed and stories to be shared. What makes it all the better is the CBC staff. From the top down, their staff did their best to make sure that our meeting went smoothly and that we felt at home. President Terry Kimbrow, Church Relations Director Duffy Guyton, and the rest of their staff are great models of what we need to be for our students — servants. Servanthood doesn’t always come easy. We have to set aside our own desires and ambitions and think about the other person or people. For the most part, that is an attitude that is foreign to most teenagers. Their world is very “me-centered.”

Loving Well (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – How do you determine spiritual maturity? Some see it as faithfulness to services, while others consider it as serving on a ministry team. Some understand spiritual maturity as how long you have been a follower of Jesus, but the truth is there are very immature attenders who say they are Christians who have been doing right things for years. What is the gold standard for spiritual maturity? What is the goal we desire as an end product of the discipleship process? Is the goal faithfulness, personal quiet time, ability to share your faith or all of these?

Are You Missing Lesson 13? (pg. 5)

The Baptist Publishing House has learned that a few of their books for the fall were missing lesson 13. This is for the Colossians study. Please go to the link below to view and/or print lesson 13 if you need to do so. “We apologize for this little hiccup,” said BPH. “Print errors happen at the factory sometimes. God bless!” For the student book lesson, go to The teacher’s link is

The Service of Sacrifice (pg. 6)

Valarie Fish – The group of men, and one lady, were gathering at the entryway of the local Walmart. They had their ballcaps with the insignia of their branch of service and the title of veteran. They were probably going to be participating in some manner of Veteran’s Day celebration later. I smiled and said “Hello” as I grabbed my shopping cart. Then I turned and said, “Thank you for your service.” It was all I could say before I started feeling misty-eyed. Whenever I see a man or woman with some sign indicating they have served in any branch of the military, I get a little choked up. I have cried full tears watching a group of soldiers in uniform passing by me at the airport. Just to know there are men and women who are willing to make this kind of sacrifice on my behalf — well, it does something to my heart.

New Home, Quitman Broken Into (pg. 6)

Carrol Herring -Friday night, Nov. 1 or early Saturday morning, Nov. 2, someone broke out a window at New Home Baptist Church in Quitman to gain access to the inside. They stole several items, including the burners off the electric range and our puppets, as well as a few other things. All told — with the damage done at the window, some damage inside and the things stolen — the estimate of damage and stolen items is around $1,000.The church did have insurance, but since the deductible is $750 and some things have been donated to replace the stolen items, we probably won’t file a claim.The deputy who came out to investigate said there had been several break-ins in churches in Faulkner County. A year or so ago, someone stole the core out of one of our air conditioners. Unfortunately, some people do not respect church houses.

Spotlight (pg. 6)

Michel and Ruth Poirier, Canada & Haiti; Stan & Donna Scroggins, Philippines

Getting a Grip on our Emotions (pg. 7)

Paul White — Passion (Part 2 of 4) —We left off last week talking about the two natures and how the old nature wants to sidetrack us. These can be overcome by the Christian who sincerely wants to be victorious. We need to throw off the weights that hold us down. “…let us lay aside every weight…” (Heb. 12:1). We must admit our weakness and even our tendency to do evil. We have to stop trying to convince ourselves wrong is right. We need to stop using some past circumstance as an excuse and face the reality of our sin. So, how do we bring this powerful emotion under control?

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