We Need Each Other

I was just thinking of how, in this modern era, we take so much for granted. For instance, when we get up each morning, we expect the electricity to be on in our homes. We just assume it will always be available. We also take for granted our technology items (computers, smartphones, GPS) — we expect them to perform exactly when we need them. However, as all of us know, from time-to-time they fail to meet our expectations. But we still want them, and we truly depend on them! I think that many take for granted the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas. Over the years, we have gotten accustomed to knowing we have departments and departmental leaders who carry out their responsibilities. As a result, we fail to pray for them, encourage them and, much too often, to support them. We may even conclude that they don’t need us. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Central Baptist College

Central Baptist College is one of the fine ministries under the umbrella of the BMA of Arkansas. President Terry Kimbrow has excelled in leading the college to great heights in every area — spiritually, financially, physically. The college has moved from the ranks of a two-year junior college to a four-year college with many baccalaureate degrees. In the area of sports, the program has gone from a basketball team only to numerous sports, and is highly competitive on the national scene, having won the conference and national championships.

You might want to know why, if they are doing so well, they need us. Remember, the association of churches owns Central Baptist College. She is our responsibility! So, pastor, why not invite Duffy Guyton, director of Church Relations for CBC, to speak to your congregation? First-hand information is a plus in any scenario. You can invigorate the youth of your church, as well.

Invite Bro, Jim Turner and the CBC Singers and even the CBC Choir to sing at your church. These ambassadors have been leaving a lasting influence on young people for decades, and they continue to do it today in a powerful way.

Youth Department

On the subject of the youth of our churches, we surely don’t need to take for granted the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. Dan Carson is the director. He has a heart of concern and love for the youth of our churches. He also works closely with the youth pastors of the churches, aiding them with resources, providing avenues of fellowship and, of extreme importance, he gives them encouragement.

Coming up on Feb. 29 is an event of Central Baptist College in conjunction with the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. It is CBC Youth Group Day, and every BMA of Arkansas church is encouraged to bring youth from the church to Conway and the CBC campus. This then becomes a two-way avenue — your church encourages the Youth Department and CBC, then those two entities encourage the youth of your church, and ultimately your youth minister and your church body.

State Missions

State Missions Department is also taken for granted. This is one of our greatest responsibilities as an association of churches. Since the association’s inception, State Missions has planted churches across our state and also in other states. This is but one way we carry out the Great Commission. Sending our missionary church planters, supporting the with finances, aiding them with volunteer labors, encouraging them with love and praying for them diligently, are all aspects of the churches of the BMA of Arkansas involvement with State Missions.

Paul White is the executive director of BMA of Arkansas Missions. He has been a state missionary, and he has a heart for seeing souls saved and churches planted across our state. But, as with any servant of God, Bro. Paul needs and deserves encouragement from the churches. Missionaries cannot be sent out and supported, and missions buildings cannot be built, without the support of BMA of Arkansas pastors and churches.

Baptist Trumpet

The Baptist Trumpet is our weekly source of information in the BMA of Arkansas. Diane Spriggs has been with the Trumpet for 40+ years — first as an assistant, and for the last decade plus she has been the managing editor. The Baptist Trumpet is a great source of information regarding the work of our association. It has long provided weekly updates on the other departments of the BMA of Arkansas. Reports from CBC, State Missions and the BMA Youth Department are given by the college president and departmental directors. Activities provided by churches, ministries and departments are all promoted via the Baptist Trumpet. Associational news includes Moving with the Ministers, Reports from the Churches, From the Editor and other special columns.

Additionally, once a month, excerpts from other state papers are included, giving the readers an expanded perspective of what God is doing in those states. And last, but not least, the readers are updated on what is happening in the United States and internationally through the ministries of the BMA of America.

So, are you like I am from time-to-time? I get caught up “doing stuff” that so often hinders me from taking a good look at our reason for existing as an association of churches. As a result, I tend to take things for granted. When I do that, I fail to encourage and support these departments.

There is a reason we have a Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas — we need each other!

 That’s what I was just thinking!

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