Current News – 1-15-2020

*Philippines Hit Again (pg. 1)

In addition to suffering the effects of Typhoons Kammuri on Dec. 18 and Ursula on Christmas Day, (see the Dec. 18 and Jan. 8 issues of the Baptist Trumpet) the Filipinos are now having to deal with the eruption of the Taal volcano. This volcano is on the island of Luzon, about 45 miles from Manila. The crater is on an island inside a lake. They are evacuating people who live on that island and the surrounding shoreline around the lake for safety. They have also suspended flights into and out of the international airport in Manila for now. The following reports have been received from our missionaries in the Philippines from their perspective (listed in alphabetical order). They all expressed their appreciation for your concern and prayers.

*Directors’ Goals & Dreams (pg. 1)

Baptist Publishing House (Dr. Charley Holmes), State Missions (Paul White), Ministers Resource Services (Dr. Steve Crawley) and Central Baptist College (Terry Kimbrow)

*It’s Time to Make Your Reservations (pg. 1)

BMA Committee on Arrangements – The 2020 session of the Baptist Missionary Association of America will meet April 27-29 at the Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas. The church and hotels are looking forward to our meeting there. Please make your reservations early. Call the local hotels directly to make your reservations. Local telephone numbers are included below. You must identify that you are with the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Also, when making your reservations, be sure to let them know you want rooms in the block for the BMAA that begins on April 26. Your stay does not have to include the night of the 26th, but that will make sure you get the BMA block rate.

*Seminary Offers Free Christian Teaching Course (pg. 8)

This spring, BMA Seminary is offering a free online course (Introduction to Christian Teaching) taught by Dr. Ronnie Johnson. The class begins on Feb. 4 and ends March 31. To register, go to and choose Free Course Registration. The deadline for registration is Jan. 27. This eight-week course is an introduction to basic Christian teaching, and is specifically designed for church workers who are Sunday School teachers, youth workers, deacons and all church members who want to improve their ability to study the Scriptures to better understand and put into practice the calling of God’s people.

*Holt Hired as Director of PACE Enrollment (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College Vice President of Enrollment Management Ryan Johnson has announced a new Director of PACE Enrollment at CBC. Claudette Holt has been hired to replace Brooks Walthall, who left the position in December. Ms. Holt began her role at CBC on Jan. 6. “I am very excited to have Claudette join the Central Baptist College family,” said Johnson. “She is an experienced and successful relational leader. Her skill set, combined with her adult-student experience fits nicely into the role of Director of PACE Enrollment. We look forward to working with Claudette to spread the word about how the PACE experience can help adults reach their education and career goals.”

Homecoming 2020 Alumni Association Awards Announced (pg. 2)

Jessica FaulknerHappy New Year 2020! Once the calendar turns to the new year, our focus turns to Homecoming, and this year is no exception! Homecoming 2020 will take place on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. A full schedule of events can be found at One of the highlights during homecoming is honoring past alumni through the CBC Alumni Association annual awards. The awards are presented during the Alumni Luncheon which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 1, beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the Dining Hall in the Mabee Student Services Complex. This year, recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the Young Alumnus Award, Mustang Community Impact Award and the Mustang Ambassador of the Year Award, will be recognized. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

Time to Get Started! (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – The first of the year is a great time to get things going in our ministries and in our lives. January serves as that transition point for many of us. We will try the gym, eating differently or maybe giving something up. It is a great time to make some changes that will directly affect our student ministry. Last week, we talked about things that we might need to stop doing. This week, let’s look at a few things we might need to start doing: We need to start taking care of ourselves. It is hard to get anything out of an empty bucket. If we don’t take time to invest in personal Bible reading, prayer and other self-care areas, we will not be able to pour into students’ lives. That means we might have to step away from some things we are doing. It might mean setting some things aside that we “love” so we can pursue something better.

Discernment and Discipline (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The New Year has, hopefully, caused you to be seeking God’s 2020 vision. Make sure you remain focused on discernment and discipline. Discernment is the process of discovering the right answer, which is God’s answer. Discernment begins in the Word of God, continues through the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God and then seeks the wise counsel of the people of God. This necessary progression always begins with a Bible directed and saturated foundation. Then the Holy Spirit will convict, give sight, produce desire and enable us to carry out His vision.

Joshua 24:15 (pg. 3)

Dr. John M. Adams – “Choose you this day” is the cry from these pages. “Choose whom you will serve” is the demanding statement of Joshua 24:15. The people of that era answered and said “God forbid that we should forsake the Lord, to serve other gods” (v. 16). Moral choices then is the cry confronting 2020 Christian believers and church congregations. The So-Called Celebration Of Modern Music and Media – Coming out of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, a small group of dissidents spread vulgarity (curse words) and sexual slang and that began to spread this type of vulgarity in music and media until 2020 when it has become the norm.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Court to Review “Ministerial Exception” Rulings; Parents Win; Wish Daughter With DS Had Been Aborted; ADF Vows to Help FCA “Huddle”; PPFA Reports Increased Number of Abortions; Chick-fil-A Says “Sorry”

Five 2020 Social Media Trends Churches Should Know About (pg. 5)

Chris Martin (Baptist Press) -Being an effective social media manager means doing more than just sitting on Facebook and Twitter all day. It requires keeping up with trends and changes in trends so that necessary changes to strategy can be made. Changing strategy to keep up with trends isn’t about being “trendy” or “cool” as much it is about being effective. When social media managers aren’t aware of what content is working well or how social media platforms have changed their rules, they are not able to do their job as well.So here we are in 2020. What is changing and what is staying the same in the social media landscape? Here are five basic trends that churches ought to note:

Write it Down (pg. 5)

Valarie Fish – I have lots of stories tumbling around in my head. I jot down notes for myself on a verse I want to research or a rabbit I want to chase. I have a notebook full of them, but they get nowhere unless I take the time to put the thoughts down on paper — or in most cases, saved into a computer file.  Studying covenant has been enlightening, to say the least. Every time I open my notes, I see another rabbit, another direction, another article. Besides the parties coming together in covenant, there needed to be witnesses and a scribe. The job of the scribe would be to record every detail of the contract, and sometimes the job would take more than one sitting to complete. A scribe would need to be accurate and very detail oriented. He would be tasked with writing the original covenant as well as supervising any copies of the document.

Central Men Meet (pg. 5)

The Central Arkansas District Brotherhood met at Pleasant Grove in Carlisle for their quarterly meeting with an attendance of 58. Tim Tyler, director of Water for Christ, spoke about the water well drilling ministry the past 10 years. There were 10 wells completed and 1,300 professions of faith in 2019. The $385 offering was given to Water for Christ. Our next meeting will be at Landmark, England on April 13 at 6:30 p.m. (Bill Thornton, secretary/treasurer)

Update (pg. 5)

We have been advised by Immanuel Baptist Church in Greenbrier that Michael Strong will not be able to attend the Greenbrier Missions Conference in February. (See “Greenbrier Missions Conference, page 4, Jan. 8 Baptist Trumpet.)

Five Reasons to Give an Invitation (pg. 6)

Stephen Rummage (Baptist Press) -Not long ago, I was part of a preaching seminar with about 15 other pastors. We were asked, “How many of you give an invitation each time you preach?” I was surprised to see that only a little more than half of us raised our hands. But I was encouraged that those who raised their hands were not all the same. Some of us were older, some younger. Some were more reformed in their soteriology, some less so. Some pastored traditional congregations, some led cutting-edge church plants. When asked why we continued to give invitations, we all gave similar answers: “Invitations help people respond to the sermon, especially the message of the gospel.” I am committed to giving an evangelistic invitation every time I preach God’s Word, and I believe every preacher should be. Here’s why:

REAL ID Enhances National Security Safety Measures (pg. 7)

If it is time to renew your driver’s license, consider making the transition to the “REAL ID” now. Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, the REAL ID driver’s license or identification card will be required to board a domestic flight or enter a federal building or facility, including military bases. “When you make sure your family members have a REAL ID, you are taking the next step in protecting their personal identity from criminals,” said Arkansas Attorney General Rutledge. “From everyday travel to national security, the REAL ID will enhance our safety from threats both foreign and domestic.” According to the Department of Homeland Security, the REAL ID improves the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards as well as help fight terrorism and reduce identity fraud.

The Power of God’s Living Word (pg. 7)

Paul White –  (Heb. 4:12) – Sometimes preachers need to hear messages from someone else. A fellow pastor shared with me that he had heard a great sermon about running the Christian race. During the message, which dealt with laying aside every weight and the sin that does so easily beset us, he was convicted of one hindrance (weight) that had kept him from enjoying this life to its fullest or running as he should. You see, a great fear of his was how his family would survive if something were to happen to him. In fact, that thought had robbed him of much of his joy. But during that service he said he confessed his lack of trust, faith or whatever you want to call it and found peace for his mind and heart. He realized God not only loved him, but He also loved his family; and that God, not he, is the one that was caring for them. God said, “Be careful that you don’t let yesterday’s regrets rob you of today’s and tomorrow’s happiness.

Help Starts at Home (pg. 7)

Dr. Allen Tilley (via Baptist Progress) Living in a fallen world, your congregation experiences the same hardships as those outside the church. Over the years, I’ve had members who endured job loss, house fires, medical expenses and other tragedies. These events often lead to worries about paying the bills or rebuilding their lives. It’s in these moments the church desperately needs to be the church, reaching out to those members who are hurting. Instead of reacting, be proactive by developing a plan of action. With a little thought, your church can be known as a generous, supportive and caring church. Miss these moments, and it will forever tarnish the reputation of your church. Here are seven suggestions for being proactive in times of emergency…

Jeff Herring

Jeff joined the Trumpet staff in May of 2019 and works on all aspects of the Trumpet­­ including advertising, editing, social media, and updating the Trumpet website. He joins us after over 20 years serving as a full-time associate pastor in Arkansas. Bro. Jeff graduated from CBC in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Bible. He graduated with a Master of Arts (Religion) degree from BMA Theological Seminary in 2011. A native of North Little Rock, AR, he now lives in Maumelle and has been married since June 1996 to his wife, Kristin (Browning). Jeff and Kristin have three children: Abigail (20), Autumn (18), and Austin (11). They are all active members of Antioch Baptist Church in Conway. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, and he and Kristin love to cook and have people over to their home. “God will always lead us where He wants us to go. Sometimes the doors He opens are not what we expect, but you must be obedient just the same. I am excited to serve the state of Arkansas as the Assistant Editor and will do my best to help make the Baptist Trumpet successful as we seek to spread the word to the people of the BMA effectively.”

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