Current News – 2-19-2020

*DiscipleGuide Changes Explained (pg. 1)

Paul White – I am sharing the following information to try and explain what will be proposed for consideration at this year’s national meeting concerning the breakup of the various DiscipleGuide ministries. Although several recommendations will be presented this year, we have been blessed to experience exceptional cooperation from everyone who is involved. While change is often difficult to understand, it is sometimes necessary for the good of the whole. One of our greatest challenges is to keep you, the people, informed about what is actually taking place. At the national meeting in April, we will be voting on recommendations concerning five areas of ministry. The areas that we will deal with are Publications, Daniel Springs Camp, Conferences, News Services and the BMA Service Team. Please keep in mind that this explanation is a synopsis, and is by no means exhaustive or an exact wording of the actual recommendations.

*Free Gift Expiring Soon (pg. 1)

In the Dec. 4 Baptist Trumpet, we announced that we would be sending out the electronic version of the Baptist Trumpet to all BMA pastors free for three months as our way of saying “thank you” for all our pastors do for our Lord and the Baptist Missionary Association. This is to remind you that the three months is coming to an end and will expire on March 4, 2020. If you would like to continue to receive the eTrumpet after March 4, you will need to be sure to subscribe. There are a few ways you can do that…

*BMAA Missions To Debut New Broadcast (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather -On World Missions Day 2020 (Feb. 23) at 8 a.m., a new BMA Missions broadcast will debut. Hosted by Yalanda Merrell, the monthly show is called and will feature BMA missionaries and what they are doing around the world. An extension of mission:world magazine, it can be viewed on BMA Missions’ Facebook page and will be downloadable to share updates with your church.The four-minute-long episodes will highlight a missionary and country each month, giving viewers an inside look at BMA Missions. Sign up to receive the videos by email (and become a mission:world magazine subscriber if you’re not already) by going to

*BMA of Arkansas Missions (pg. 7)

Tom Mitchell – I was just thinking… BMA of Arkansas Missions has been greatly blessed and has been a tremendous blessing to the state association. Terminology has changed over the years, but the mission of this ministry has not. The endeavors of missionary personnel since 1951 have been to carry the gospel into Arkansas communities, to assemble believers and to reach unbelievers for fledgling ministries and to ultimately plant New Testament churches. We have interchanged the words missionary and church planter over time. Beginnings have been in homes, store fronts, schools, funeral homes, old theaters and various other facilities. From those facilities, through the blessings and leadership of the Holy Spirit, those missions grew numerically and spiritually. Such growth enabled those young congregations to move into beautiful houses of worship. I mentioned terminology change. The title of the missions leader of State Missions was at first referred to as the secretary of missions. Today he is now the executive director of BMA of Arkansas Missions.

*Academic Excellence in Health & Physical Education (pg. 2)

Jeff Riddle – I serve as the department chair for the Physical Education Department and I also serve as the division chair for the Professional Studies Division here at Central Baptist College. My story at CBC began when I enrolled as a freshman in the fall of 1985 to work as the equipment manager for the men’s basketball team. Little did I know at the time that God would continue to open doors for me to remain at CBC for the next 35 years. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

CBC Designated Military Friendly (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College has announced that it has again earned the 2020-2021 Military Friendly School designation. Institutions earning the Military FriendlySchool designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. More than 1,000 schools participated in the 2020-2021 survey with 695 earning the designation. The 2020-2021 Military Friendly Schools list will be published in the May issue of G.I. Jobs magazine and can be found at

How to Work with Your Pastor (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – During much of my 25+ years of ministry, I have been the second man. The titles have been different, but they have fallen under that staff role. I have served as a youth pastor, family pastor, worship pastor, church growth minister and associate pastor. I have also had the privilege of serving in the lead role as a church planter and pastor, but most of my time has been working with godly lead pastors. I often think about these men: Henry Horton, Brad Hoshaw, David Pickard, Ronnie Chesser, Ron Fields, Wade Allen and Kirk Shelton. All of them have added to my understanding of God’s work and been a real blessing to me. Not everyone has had a similar experience. Sometimes, working with your pastor can be one of the hardest things you do. Whether you serve in a full-time, part-time, bi-vocational or volunteer role, it is vital that you strive for “success” in your working relationship. If there is tension, it will stand in the way of God’s blessing in your ministry setting.

Disciple: Be One – Make One (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Churches are doing a lot of good things, but are we doing the best things? Are you making disciples who make disciples? Are you seeing people step over the line of faith, placing their trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? Are you discipling these new believers to know how to follow Christ and showing them how to make disciples? Discipleship involves two dynamics — Be One and Make One! If you are not making disciples, you are not being obedient to Christ’s commands. Timothy makes it clear that our calling is to commit truth to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Abortion in Arkansas (pg. 3)

Jerry Cox -As we approach the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade abortion decision, here (in no particular order) are 10 facts about abortion in Arkansas: Abortion in Arkansas is at historic lows. In 1973 there were 1,138 abortions performed in Arkansas. By 1991 that number had risen to 6,889. As recently as 2014, there were more than 4,200 abortions in Arkansas. However, in the past four years the number of abortions has fallen to roughly 3,000 – 3,200 per year. This puts abortion in Arkansas at a 42-year low.

The Preborn Child is a Constitutional Person (pg. 3)

Calvin Freiburger -Pro-lifers and honest pro-abortion legal scholars agree that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. But just how wrong is it? Is it bad law solely because it declares a right to something the Constitution is silent about, or does its judicial malpractice run deeper? I have long argued that legal abortion violates not only the spirit of the Constitution, but the text itself — specifically, that the 14th Amendment’s guaranteed equal protection of all people’s right to life has always applied to the preborn. Now, The Stream reports that the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy has published an article written by Harvard law student (and former Live Action contributor) Josh Craddock that lays out the case in perhaps the most depth it has ever received.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Ark. AG Defends Pro-Life Laws; 2,411 Aborted Babies Given Proper Burial; HGTV and “Throuple”

Old Shoes (pg. 4)                                                                       

Valarie Fish – In communities with large orthodox Jewish populations, there are heavy fishing lines stretched up high and around large areas called the “eruv.” They act as an invisible fence connecting houses with parks, theaters, restaurants and other public places. These were designed to be an extension to a Jewish home so they can avoid breaking the Sabbath rule to do no work or travel on that day. The eruv allows people to go out and enjoy life outside their house on Sabbath without breaking the law. As early as the New Testament, the people had developed such loopholes, leaving something personal, like an old shoe, along the path they were wont to travel to extend their “home” farther than was allowed on the Sabbath.

AG Alert: 2020 Census Scams (pg. 4)

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau has the important job of counting every living person in our country. Beginning in mid-March, an invitation to participate will either be mailed or hand delivered to each home. If no response is received by May either by mail, online or over the phone, census takers will begin visiting homes and can return up to six times until the questionnaire is completed. “This is one time every person will be contacted by a government entity,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “It’s important for Arkansans to know which questions will and will not be asked by the Census Bureau and not fall prey to scammers pretending to be the Census Bureau.”

Ark. Galilean Meeting And Basketball Tournament (pg. 5)

Dan Williams -Our state officers met in early February to plan all of our 2020 meetings and camps. Our theme for 2020 is “I AM” (Exod. 3:14-15). The subthemes are: spring, “Who?“ (Job 38:16-18); summer, “Love & Fidelity“ (I John 4:7 and Deut. 7:9); and fall, “Resolution“ (Isa. 53:4-5). We are all set for our spring meeting, March 6-7. Registration will begin at 7 p.m. in the CBC Dining Hall. The first assembly will begin at 8 p.m. A complete schedule for the meeting is posted on the Galilean website at

The Visible Proof (pg. 5)

Mike McEuen (I John 2:29) – The visible proof of being a Christian is right behavior.  There are many people who do some good things, but they do not have true saving faith in Jesus Christ. There are others who claim to have faith. They talk at length about their faith, but they rarely produce any good works. True faith always results in good works. I gently remind you that good works cannot produce salvation, but they are a necessary proof that true faith has actually occurred. Saving faith in Jesus Christ will always produce a life of doing, not simply talking. Christians do not simply believe the truth. We do it! We live it!

Southwest GMA Meets (pg. 5)

Harmonie O’Neal – The Southwest Arkansas GMA District meeting was held Jan. 25 at First Baptist Church in Taylor with 46 people present and 5 churches represented.  The theme for 2020 is “For Such A Time as This” from Esther 4:14, and we are studying a woman from the Bible at each meeting. Special music was by Anagail Wilson and Jeana Medlin did an object lesson about “Tamar: Woman of Hope,” our subject for the day.  A total of $568 was turned in for last year’s project (Daniel Springs), and we collected $113 for the new 2020 project — Darlene Carey Christian Academy. Lilli Medlin, 2019 SW District, State & National Jr. Miss, did our program for Miss & Jr. Miss GMA. The new SW District Miss GMA is Rylee Johnson and the new District Jr. Miss GMA is Anagail Wilson. Our next district meeting will be at College View Baptist, Magnolia, on April 17-18.

Missions-Minded (pg. 6)

Allen Tilley (Baptist Progress) – Every pastor knows his church must make missions a priority (Matt. 28:18-20). Missions is one of the foundational principles for being part of an association, but how can we lead our churches into becoming personally involved in mission work? While no one right answer exists, here are seven suggestions for helping your people be more mission-minded: Stress missions. Infecting the church with the missions’ bug starts with the pastor. Your people will not catch what you do not possess. By preaching, teaching and emphasizing missions, your church will develop a passion for mission work. Before you start, spend a season of prayer, asking God to make your church a great mission church.

The Perfect Pastor (pg. 6)

Paul Gauntt (Baptist Progress) — Borrowing some of the principles from The Spirit Controlled Temperament  book, written by Tim and Bev LaHaye years ago, I want to draw a composite of the most perfect pastor. Pastor, use these thoughts as a template to help you to not be discouraged when you don’t see success in your ministry; and church, let this be an encouragement to you to not fall into despair if you happen not to have the perfect pastor in your church. The perfect pastor will mobilize individuals and teams into action, providing a clear and concise action plan, his own video productions of seminars to train them to perform to optimum efficiency, bringing him detailed reports and have a system of rewards (and reprimands) in order to motivate them to continue to function efficiently.

Who is Really Free?

Paul White (Part 3 of 5) – Last week, we left Paul and Silas in prison for doing good and the question, “Is there any hope?” Paul and Silas, beaten and imprisoned in a dark and dreadful place, were in one group. The other group I want us to consider is the jailer and his family. We don’t know a lot about the jailer, but we do know he was a man of importance. Being head jailer in a city the size of Philippi wasn’t an entry-level position. He was a man of power. He literally held the keys to many people’s freedom. He was trusted and respected. The magistrates had complete confidence in him. He had a good job. In Roman society, he might have been called upper-middle-class. The family is doing well. Nice house. Plenty of food. Late model chariot. From all appearances, this guy was doing all right — on the outside, but on the inside, not so much.

SBC Issues In The News (pg. 8)

According to these reports by Diana Chandler of Baptist Press, Southern Baptists are facing a some issues as they approach their annual Pastor’s Conference (June 7-8) and meeting (June 9-10): “Grassroots Network Launched to Address Concerns About Direction of SBC” — On Feb. 14, a group described as “grassroots” Southern Baptists announced the formation of the Conservative Baptist Network. Group spokesperson Brad Jurkovich (pastor of First Baptist Church of Bossier City, La.) told Baptist Press the group was launched to address concerns about the direction of the SBC. Jurkovich is the only person publicly identified as part of the group’s leadership. He declined to share names of other leaders, though he said it was “really local pastor-driven.” In a press release, the network said it is not a new denomination or a competitor with other like-minded ministries.

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