Current News – 2-26-2020

*From the States (pgs. 5-9)

*The Student Ministry Matters Podcast (pg. 1)

Dan Carson -Over the past few years, we have worked to give the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department a new direction and focus. Any organization or ministry that wants to continue to have an impact will take time to look at its mission. Ultimately, our goal is still the same as when Harvey Hall and the BMA of Arkansas established the Youth Department in 1985. We want to help local churches impact the next generation for Jesus Christ. Now, we are simply doing that by investing in those that are working with the next generation. With this new focus in mind, we have launched the Student Ministry Matters Podcast.  This podcast has been a dream of mine for the past couple of years, but I wanted to wait for God and not get ahead of Him in this process. In His timing, He brought two guys into my life that have a heart for the same thing — investing in those that work with students. Chris Vines and Micah Powell will be sharing with me in this new ministry.

*March & April: Baptist Trumpet Special Emphasis (pg. 1)

Editor —March and April are mandated by the BMA of Arkansas as months of Special Emphasis for the Baptist Trumpet, so I’ll be mailing a letter and posters to the churches this week. I always sign each letter personally and do the actual mailing myself because I want it to come straight from my heart to yours.To be honest, this year’s mailing was hard because I know it will be the last one I’ll send out as your editor, and because our needs are great. But I can’t wait to see how God is going to use you this year to bless us!The following is the letter that is being sent to the churches. Thank you for anything you can do to help.

*The Baptist Trumpet (pg. 1)

Tom Mitchell — I was just thinking about how sad it is that around the world the printed page is disappearing as long-established newspapers have folded. That caused me to think how blessed we are that the Baptist Trumpet remains a viable source of information to the churches of the BMA of Arkansas. This is the fourth article focusing on the entities that are supported by our state association. This fourth ministry is actually referred to as the Publications Committee. And while those who serve on the committee are essential to the success of the paper, as with the previous articles, I will focus on those who have served as business manager/editor of the Baptist Trumpet. We have been blessed through the years to have people who loved the churches of the association, cared about keeping them informed and diligently, and sometimes sacrificially, worked to print a quality paper.

*The Story Library (pg. 2)

Rachel Whittingham -The library at Central Baptist College has a long history of serving our particular niche of students. For example, as a religious institution, nearly half of our print collection is devoted to religion and theology. When the new Story Library opened in 2014, we created common spaces for our students, knowing they needed places to work on group projects, hold a club meeting or print out a paper at 7:45 a.m. for an 8 a.m. class. So when CBC decided to add online classes, we knew we would need to develop a way to serve online students. We have since adopted this philosophy: whatever a student can do physically in the library, they should also be able to do online. Since the early 2000s, the library has provided online access to research materials such as online journals and databases. We have continued to grow our collection of electronic resources to include access to over 100,000 eBooks, and over 60 database titles, which include access to hundreds of electronic journals. All of these electronic research materials are searchable on and off-campus through our “StorySearch,” found on our website: (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

*A Healthy Church is a Praying Church (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – If you want your church to be healthy, you must have a healthy prayer life and many prayer partners in the church. The need for prayer cannot be overstated. Excuses are plentiful, but the Scriptures are clear about every church being a healthy body of believers who are following their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in obedience. Every church is responsible for carrying out the Great Commission and living by the Great Commandment. Every church, no matter what size, is to be making disciples. The path is the same for small and large churches that have a burden to reach their communities for Christ and make disciples. Some churches develop new strategies, add new programs or reorganize their structure looking for answers. Three areas that need our continual focus for our individual lives and for our churches to be spiritually healthy are…

The Big Promise (pg. 2)

Valarie Fish – Those who read the Trumpet on a regular basis may have noticed I have been focused lately on the traditional elements included in a covenant agreement, specifically the most common in Bible times — the betrothal/marriage covenant. The following articles have appeared, beginning in November 2019: The groom and his father come to initiate the covenant with the family of the bride — “Let’s Make a Deal,” Nov. 6 Trumpet; They knock at the door and the father of the groom announces himself including his most impressive lineage — “Who’s at the Door?” Oct. 30; When he is finished establishing his authority, he announces his son is with him — “I Stand at the Door,” Nov. 20; The bride must give permission to open the door so negotiations can begin — “Come to the Table,” Dec. 4.

Trial Date Set For Monument (pg. 3)

Jerry Cox -U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker has set July 13 as the trial court date for the lawsuit over Arkansas’ monument of the Ten Commandments. In 2015 Sen. Jason Rapert (R–Conway) sponsored a law authorizing a monument of the Ten Commandments on the Arkansas State Capitol Grounds. It was placed on the Capitol lawn on June 27, 2017. Less than 24 hours later, a man plowed a vehicle into the monument, completely destroying it. Now the American Humanist Association, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Satanic Temple all are part of a lawsuit to have the monument removed. These are some things you need to know about the monument…

Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Ouch! (pg. 4)

Editor – This has been a tough week for the Trumpet — first, we lost an out-of-state Church Plan with 16 subscribers. I really hate that because the church is in an outlying area and they  have no state BMA newspaper. I did everything I knew of to keep them, but alas… It was also a tough week for three of our BMA of Arkansas churches. These churches have been faithful supporters of the Baptist Trumpet and have been on the Church Plan for many years. But they have come upon hard times financially, and although said they “didn’t want to,” they felt they had “no choice” but to cancel their Church Plans. But I gave them another choice — and two of the churches said “yes!” (I’m still waiting to hear back from the third one.) The most important thing is getting the news and needs of the BMA to the total of 100 people on these three plans. So I offered to keep sending the paper free for at least three months to give them time to get back on their feet, then check back to see if they need more time. Does this hurt our bottom line financially? Of course it does, but it’s so very worth it, and I’m clinging to one of my favorite “But God” verses: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). Would you join me in praying that God will also help these wonderful churches in their time of need as they seek to reach the lost for Jesus? We’re all in this together!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Court Upholds Trump’s Rule Defunding PP; Court Rules: Florida Cross Can Stay; Boys Scouts File For Bankruptcy; UPS Accused of Firing Drivers Over Prayer Group; New Disney Cartoon Branded “Evil & Demonic”

 “Sweet” Hearts for Missions (pg. 10)

During the months of December and January, each week during Sunday School the children in Trenton Baptist Church at Marvell Children’s Church (under the direction of Sandy Turner) went around with a jar to the other classes, collecting money for World Missions. They collected $513.73! “These children were so determined that you put something in their jar,” said Julia Shelley, reporter. “Who could turn down one of those sweet hearts and sweet faces?”

Mt. Vernon YIH Meets Twice (pg. 10)

The Mt Vernon Youth in the Harvest met at Fourth Street Baptist Church in West Helena on Jan. 20 with 93 present, representing 9 churches. The attendance banner went to Rondo Baptist Church at Rondo, and the percentage banner went to Grace Baptist Church at Wynne. A total of $240 was collected for Soaring Wings Ranch. The February meeting was held Feb. 17 at Bethel Baptist Church in Forrest city with 86 present, representing 7 churches. The goal was again Soaring Wings Ranch, and we collected $303. Our next meeting will be at Grace Baptist Church in Wynne on March 16. (Barbara Belew, reporter)

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 11)

Tyler & Emily (Hill) Brantley • South America

Who is Really Free? (pg. 11)

Paul White (Part 4 of 5) – Remember, there was a lot going on in that prison. Paul and Silas were beaten and jailed inside the dark interior of a musty prison. If you listen closely you can hear the cursing, the bellyaching, the whining and the complaining… no wait. What is that I hear? Praying? Singing? It’s midnight in prison and these two battered missionaries are having a worship service. Their situation — no matter how dark their circumstance, no matter how dire — did not have the power to hold them captive. They lifted their eyes to the hills where their help would come from, and a hope began to swell within them. They thought about Jesus and the price that He paid, the Father and the promises He had made and the Spirit and the comfort He gave. Paul began to pray out loud, giving thanks to God for all His goodness. Silas started humming a tune and before long, singing started echoing down the stone walls of the prison. Paul and Silas were free. They had been forgiven for every sin they had ever committed and been adopted into the family of God. They had a real, ongoing relationship with God, and the promise of a home in Heaven.

Fundraising Outside the Box (pg. 12)

A decline in the success of traditional fundraising methods means more ministries are tapping into creative revenue streams. Emerging ideas include leasing property, starting businesses, hosting 5K races and more. Ministries moving into the creative fundraising space should familiarize themselves with the do’s and don’ts of generating income outside of their religious purpose. Knowing the rules will provide financial transparency and keep your tax-exempt status intact.

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