Current News – 6-3-2020

*From the States (pgs. 5-8)

Texas, Kansas/West Missouri, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma

*Expanded mission:world Magazine Goes Digital (pg. 1)

…Beginning July 1, expect to see mission:world missionary content in many different forms. The magazine will continue to be produced in digital form and will be emailed free of charge to everyone who wants it. The digital version will include more mission:world video reports straight from the mission field. Social media reports will also be available for those who live on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter… The printed version of mission:world will be discontinued with the May/June edition, allowing the $80,000 annual expense of printing and mailing the magazine to be redirected to our missionaries and their fields. To subscribe to mission:world for free and receive the magazine directly to your inbox, go to For up-to-date and live broadcasts from BMA missionaries around the world, like our BMA Missions Facebook/Instagram and Twitter accounts.

*Equippin’ our Missionaries (pg. 1)

Paul White -This year’s June & July BMA of Arkansas Missions Special Emphasis funds will go to help our missionaries fill some immediate needs and insure that they receive the best training opportunities possible… Please give as generously as possible. With your help, all of these needs can be met this year and that will lift a tremendous burden off the shoulders of your missionaries. (See missionary reports on page 11)

*BPH Needs Help (pg. 1)

Jordan Tew -Sadly, empty churches have become “the norm” over the last two months. Many churches have decided to take a break from Sunday School over the summer months. As a result, about 150 churches have not ordered Sunday School curriculum (25% less than usual). As you can imagine, this is setting up the Baptist Publishing House (BPH) for a financially-tight quarter, and we can certainly use your help. We are asking that our churches prayerfully consider sending an offering to offset the financial loss caused by reduced order numbers. Donations may be made at or sent to P.O. Box 279, Jacksonville, Texas 75766. For more information, call (800) 333-1442. These are difficult times for all of our churches, individuals, and departments. If you are able to help in this way, it will be greatly appreciated. Not all are able to help financially, but everyone can do the most important thing — pray. Please pray for the ministry of the Baptist Publishing House as we work hard to provide our churches, church plants and mission churches with sound biblical curriculum.

*Moving With the Ministers (pg. 1)

Chad Brandon has accepted the pastorate of West Race Baptist Church in Searcy, effective June 7; Bobby Tucker has resigned as director of ministries at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, effective in August. He will be retiring from the ministry and returning to Texas; Terry Jackson, a member of Antioch West Baptist Church in Magnolia, is available for preaching appointments, or to teach a Sunday School workshop, within a 200-mile radius of Magnolia. He has been in the ministry for over 40 years and can be contacted at (870) 949-5570 or 693-1288.

*Daniel Springs in a Box (pg. 1)

Jason Prewitt -Daniel Springs Baptist Camp will offer “Daniel Springs in a Box” option for your church groups, families and individuals. After much prayer and thoughtful deliberation, Daniel Springs Baptist Camp will not be open for our regular summer camp schedule for 2020. We believe the health and safety of our family (our campers, adult sponsors, staffers and the members of our local community) are of great importance… We are excited to announce an amazing resource we are working on called “Daniel Springs In A Box.” This could be an option for your groups, families and individuals to experience some of the things we love about camp. There will be digital resources, like Bible leaders teaching the lessons, recreational ideas and instructional videos and also material you can order such as T-shirts and camp merchandise. Keep watching our social media sites or go to for updates on “Daniel Springs In A Box” resources and details.

BMA Missions’ Appeal For Disaster Relief Funds (pg. 3)

Eric Johnson  -Over the past several weeks, we have seen an unprecedented amount of instability related to food availability around the world. BMA churches, missionaries and ministries have responded with great love while trying to meet the challenges that are being faced. BMMI, Water for Christ, EIM and others are doing what they can to help alleviate the need in many areas… Because of your gifts of love, people have had food to eat. This has also resulted in opportunities to share the love of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. May God continue to use BMA churches to share the gospel with the world. To donate, go to, then choose “Disaster Relief Fund.” Donations may also be sent to BMAA Missions, P.O. Box 878, Conway, Ark. 72033. Be sure to designate your offering “Disaster Relief Fund.”For more information, call the Missions office at (501) 455-4977.

CBC Memorial/Honor Gifts (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The following are memorial and honor contributions received since I last reported. Some of the contributions are recurring gifts but are only listed once. However, the family and/or honoree received an acknowledgement each time an honor/memorial gift was received. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

What’s in a Name? (pg. 2)

Becca Watts-Dean – Juliet said to Romeo, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The plight of Romeo and Juliet is that they cannot be together because of their families and their family names. Juliet is saying that Romeo’s name doesn’t mean anything to her because even if his name was different, he would be the same person. Just like if a rose had a different name, it would be the same flower with the same sweet smell. Names matter because they identify us. They tell us who someone is and who they belong to. Our first names tend to be what people call us and how we identify who we are as individuals. Our last name tells us more about who we belong to; it’s our family name.

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Church (pg. 2)

Dr. Steve Crawley -The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in no small way. These changes are pervasively reaching into most every area of life, but the most quantifiable of the changes obviously relate to our finances. As church members face financial challenges, churches will certainly be impacted. How might leaders address these inherent financial challenges their congregations are and will be facing due to COVID-19? Bill Wilson, director of The Center for Healthy Churches, estimates that as many as one third of churches across the United States may close within the next five years, and that there will be a 33% decline in giving this year. Part of the reason for this drop is obviously related to a general prediction that post-pandemic church attendance is expected to drop, particularly among those who are occasional attendees.

The #1 Leadership Quality (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – When you think of what is required to be a leader, what qualities do you place on your list? What are your top five? Many mention capabilities (skill sets), charisma (likeability), chemistry (ability to get along) and character (morals and ethics). Unfortunately, even in some parts of the church world, it seems that character can sometimes be overlooked for capabilities (what the leader can accomplish) and charisma (who they can convince and win over). Have some allowed flashy and glitzy to become more important than godly and faithful?

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Jimmy & Julie Walker (Philippines); Sam & Sue Jordan (Jordan)

But God… Again and Again! (pg. 4)

Editor – This year’s Trumpet Special Emphasis officially ended May 31, but any designated offerings will be counted through the end of the fiscal year (Aug. 31). We haven’t met our goal, But God isn’t through yet… I just know He isn’t! Since we are still $18,086.05 short of the goal, and the SUV payoff is $15,420.68, so I won’t be able to pay it off completely at this point. As much as I’d like for the Trumpet to be completely out of debt when I retire Nov. 5, the important thing is to keep the paper going out weekly, and we need the money we have received in order to keep doing that. (Of course, all offerings that were designated “SUV” have gone toward the payoff.) Thank you all very much for everything you do for this ministry of the written word. May God richly bless each of you for being a blessing to us!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

ARTL: PP Affiliates Should Return Money; Catholic School Sold to Hospital That Kills Babies; Pixar Introduces First Gay Lead Character

Captive Audience (pg. 9)

Valarie Fish – Sitting at a desk staring at a blank computer screen, sometimes I imagine who you are — you, the one reading these words right now. I wonder if the title of the article caught your attention or if the first sentence was enough to draw you in. Perhaps you know me personally and you read my articles on a regular basis because of our relationship. Maybe you are bored, and this media happened to be something to fill the monotony. Or maybe you read them because God has used my feeble attempts to articulate my feelings and thoughts as a doorway to speak to you. I know the Baptist Trumpet is being sent into some of our prison systems in Arkansas. Now I get to expand my imaginings to include men and women who (forgive the pun) may be considered a captive audience.

Churches Grapple With Whether to Require Masks (pg. 9)

Tobin Perry • Baptist Press -Listening to the discussion surrounding the reopening of churches, Steve Bezner could see much of it revolved around a dichotomy of faith versus fear. As Bezner, pastor of Houston Northwest Church, and other church leaders studied the issue from a variety of angles, they began to see it differently.“The more that we studied them, we began to see masks as love of neighbor or pride,” Bezner said. “So we decided that we would focus on love of neighbor and humility. Instead of framing the conversation in fear versus faith, we wanted to frame the conversation in terms of serving our neighbor.”Because of this, the church decided when in-person worship services resume in early June, masks will be required.

BMMI Trip Canceled (pg. 10)

It is always depressing to have to cancel a BMMI trip, but due to the virus and after talking with Pastor Paul Tinoco in Peru, it is the proper thing to do. He relates that churches are closed there until Aug. 1. He also reports that there have been no cases of COVID-19 with the Ashaninka’s along the river Tambo. The Zambia trip that is scheduled for Oct. 24-Nov. 4 (and is fully staffed) is still on at this point. The following trips are scheduled for 2021: Thailand with Missionaries Siripong (Jo) Yaebeang and Brandon Lingle; (Jan. 15-25), Ukraine with Missionary Larry Wood; and Guatemala with Missionary David Marroquin. All trips are subject to change. Other trips in the future include Armenia, Moldova, Cambodia, Jordan, Mexico, Philippines, Angola, Argentina, Laos and Burma. Please pray for open doors in India.

Part 1 of 2: Change (pg. 10)

Dr. Rick Caracciolo -Change is inevitable in our lives. We learn to sit up, walk, talk, count and ride a bike. Remember learning to play sports, drive a car and cook as you got older? Some of the events required more change and were stressful, but you got through it. Did you know that we face as many changes in our life the first 20 years as we do the last 20 years of our lives? Sometimes change can create anxiety and confusion within us to varying degrees for each person. Many times, we do not like or want to accept change because with change comes an uncertainty, the unfamiliar and unknown.

Baby Safely Surrendered At Ark. Safe Haven Box (pg. 12)

“A baby boy has been saved in Arkansas via the first surrender at a Safe Haven Baby Box in Benton,” Arkansas Right to Life Executive Director Rose Mimms announced May 28. On Sunday, May 24, at approximately 5:01 p.m. a newborn infant was placed in the Safe Haven Baby Box located at Benton Fire Station No. 3, 2717 Edison Ave. The Safe Haven Baby Box location in Benton was dedicated Sept. 18, 2019. “We are grateful that the Safe Haven Baby Box provided this mother with a safe, anonymous surrender alternative for her and her child,” said Mimms. “I applaud her bravery and the sacrificial gifts of life and adoption that she has given her son through the Safe Haven Baby Box program.”

Three Brief Facts About Abortion in Ark. (pg. 12)

 “In the coming days the Arkansas Department of Health will release its annual reports regarding abortion in Arkansas. Family Council (AFC) has tracked this data for years and has compiled abortion stats going all the way back to the 1970s,” said AFC President Jerry Cox in a May 27 news release. He listed these “three brief facts” about abortion in Arkansas…

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