Current News – 10-7-2020

*BMA of Arkansas Meeting Information (pg. 1)

Duffy Guyton – Central Baptist College is honored to host the annual BMA of Arkansas annual session, which will be held Nov. 5-6. It is our great pleasure to welcome the pastors and messengers of the BMA of Arkansas to the CBC campus. We love and appreciate everyone who is part of the BMA of Arkansas; therefore, we desire for your time on campus to be meaningful, worshipful and safe. It is our desire to serve you so, for your convenience, an information table will be set up outside of the Burgess Auditorium. Please feel free to stop by and let us know if there is anything you need.

*CBC Baseball – True Success (pg. 1)

Jimmy Elrod – Okay, I admit it; I am a little bit of a sports nut. Ever since I was a little fellow (those who have always known me say I was never very little) I’ve been involved in sports — as a player, coach, referee, administrator, spectator, teacher, you name it… and that hasn’t changed. I am writing this article from the perspective of my life experiences, as well as the perspective of a Central Baptist College Board of Trustees member. Had it not been for the privilege of serving on the board and witnessing the program first-hand, I might not have realized the significance of the baseball team’s overall contribution to our college. (Also see photo collage and CBC Sports on page 2)

*American Sign Language Bible Translation Completed (pg. 1)

Baptist Press. Tess Schoonhoven – “After 38 years, the work of 53 translators is complete — a translation of the whole Bible into American Sign Language (ASL),” said Tess Schoonhoven in a Sept. 30 Baptist Press report. “The ASL Version (ASLV) project, led by Deaf Missions, marks the first time the Deaf community has access to the entire Bible in ASL. The project began in 1982 when Deaf Missions founder Duane King began asking why Deaf people did not have access to the Bible in their heart language. The New Testament portion of the Bible was completed in 2004. The ASLV, a series of videos, can be accessed on the Deaf Missions website ( and the Deaf Missions Video App.

*Opportunities Abound (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – There are many things we should be praying for constantly, and especially at times like these. Jesus said, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest” (Matt. 9:37-38 HCSB). The real issue is not opportunities because they abound. The problem is the willingness of Christ’s followers to go where He is sending them. Are you praying as Isaiah did? “Here am I Lord, send me!” (Isa. 6:8). The battle cry should be “If not me, then who?” and “If not now, then when?”

*A Need to Share Jesus (pg. 3)

Dan Carson – As you look around our churches now, you may notice that there are still many empty pews. While some of those delays to return are for health concerns, the simple truth is that many are just not returning. They don’t see the value in the gathered church and have found other things in which they would rather invest their time. While it is sad, that is our current situation. We can pray for those that aren’t returning. We can encourage them. We can even nag them, although that isn’t going to have the effect we really want. We may never see some of the de-churched return to our gatherings because they were never truly followers of Christ.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Redeem TV Reaches 50,000 Subscribers; $31M for Abstinence Education; Satanic Temple Files Billboard Lawsuit; Court: Locker Rooms Can’t Ban Trans-genders

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Jimmy & Julie Walker, Philippines

CBC Day 2020: It’s Not Too Late! (pg. 4)

Terry Kimbrow – If you missed CBC Day 2020 on Sunday, Sept. 13, it’s not too late for your church to participate! We are asking that all churches of the BMA set aside time in one service to pray for the mission and ministry of Central Baptist College. Churches can also take a one-time offering for the annual fund program, “Gifts that Transform,” and/or make a pledge to give additional offerings over the 12 months to follow. The ultimate goal of the annual “CBC Day” is to fully underwrite the expenses associated with the Bible and Missions Departments and to fund the Ministry Tuition Grant Program — all distinctives of Central Baptist College.

Leo Harris Dies (pg. 5)

Leo Harris, 98 of Maumelle, passed away Oct. 1. He was a deacon at Berean Baptist Church in North Little Rock, and was the father of the late David Harris, who pastored Oak Park Baptist Church, where Bro. Leo was a member for many years.

Lifeword by the Numbers (pg. 5)

Holly Meriweather -Lifeword Sunday is less than two weeks away, and we hope you and your church will join us in celebrating your media ministry. Fifty-five years of gospel broadcasting using the latest technological advancements has brought us to this moment — we are reaching more people groups in more countries through more languages than ever before! Here are some of those incredible numbers:

Israel Helps Arab Communities (pg. 5)

“The Israel Defense Forces is stepping up its relief efforts as an extended COVID lockdown is under way by breaking the cultural divide with the Arab and Druze populations of the Jewish State as it provides humanitarian aid to communities often at odds with the Israeli government,” said Michael F. Haverluck in an Oct. 4 OneNewsNow report. “Areas served by IDF’s Homeland Command during the coronavirus lockdown include Jesus’ hometown, Nazareth as the military branch improves relations with citizens there who are 70% Muslim and 30% Christian.”

Are Your Church’s Members & Staff Protected? (pg. 6)

Larry Page – Cultural conditions churches and people of faith find themselves in are far different from what they were in the not too distant past. Christians and their organizations and businesses are being marginalized with ever-increasing frequency and intensity. There is a growing intolerance for and hostility toward our faith. Sometimes, that hostility is acted out — and that has gotten our attention. Hardly a week goes by when a mass shooting isn’t in the news. Public venues — even churches sometimes — are the scenes where these heinous violent attacks on innocent, defenseless people take place. While the odds of that happening in any particular church are rather small, it can and does occur. Is your church prepared for such an event, in the unlikely chance that it may find itself a target of such violence?

Contending for the Ancient Faith

Paul White (part 2 of 3) – The commandments of the gospel system are of two classes, moral and positive. The moral includes all our duties to God, to the church and to the world — in other words, the practical obedience of faith. The positive includes attention to the ordinances of the gospel. These facts, doctrines and ordinances are implied in the faith of the gospel system. Notice “the faith which was once delivered to the saints,” especially in two respects:(Heb. 1:1-2; I Cor. 15:1). But how was the faith delivered to the saints was by the teaching and epistles of the apostles who were inspired to teach and write infallibly for the instruction, edification and comfort of the early church.

Fire Safety (pg. 7)

Keep out the Fire Bugs; Fire Pit Safety

Pondering Again (pg. 8)

Tom Mitchell – I was just thinking… I have always been a ponderer. My mind is never at rest. On occasion, I think that is not a bad thing. Then again, when my insomnia sets in, pondering becomes a difficulty — I just can’t turn it off! So, I am pondering again. I have long enjoyed reading quotations, brief writings and proverbs from people from generations long ago. I am also intrigued by the wisdom, the commentary — the pondering if you please — of people from this present generation. Likely, no one ever really pondered life — with its mountains and valleys days of delight and of difficulty — like King Solomon. There is a reason he is referred to as the wisest man to live on this earth.

Never Give Up! (pg. 8)

Jeff Swart – Several years ago, I read a story of a man who felt that God was calling him to serve as a missionary in Africa. He applied to several missionary organizations and all of them turned him down. The man did everything he could, called everyone he could think of and wrote dozens of letters — all to no avail. Still believing that God had called him to go to Africa, he came home one day and told his family that they were selling their house and personal belongings and going to Africa, even though he didn’t know how as yet. They sold all but a few things, loaded those possessions in the family station wagon and drove to the eastern coast of Florida. The man got out of his car and waded out into the Atlantic Ocean until the water was up to his chin. He then reverently lifted his head toward heaven and said, “God, I’ve gone as far as I can go; now you must do your work.”

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