Current News – 10-14-2020

*Activity Pages for Children (pg. 1)

As you know, the Baptist Trumpet is truly blessed to have our own cartoonist — Gary Thomas! He is a very talented and spiritually attuned man who was “born and raised” in the BMA. If you’re like me, some of his cartoons have caused you to laugh out loud, others have caused you to stop and think and many have brought conviction to your heart. What you may not know is that he has a heart for children — which isn’t surprising since he has seven children and eight grandchildren of his own! With that in mind, he has drawn some wonderful activity pages for children that he shared with me some time ago. I also have a heart for children, so I’ve really wanted to share those pages with you, but I had one big problem — space!

*Churches, Pray for Your Pastors (pg. 1)

Ray Van Neste • Baptist Press -One key way to be involved in the advance of the Kingdom of God is to pray for pastors. This is always the case, but it is even more significant at this time. As the last six months or so have disrupted life for all of us, a host of challenges have arisen for pastors.How do you continue to provide worship and preaching when you cannot meet together? How do you do that with a limited budget for technology or in places where internet connection is spotty or unavailable? How do you help people stay in contact? How do you care for shut-ins or the sick when you are not allowed to visit them or fear your visit might bring them harm? How and when do you restart services, Sunday School, nursery and other functions? With what restrictions, procedures or requirements?

*Pastoral Wellness During COVID-19 (pg. 1)

(via Brotherhood Mutual) For many pastors, coronavirus has either disrupted or catalyzed how they view their ministry’s purpose. While some are excited about new opportunities to advance their mission, others may be struggling with the additional burdens of shepherding from a distance. Denny Howard, director of counseling and coaching for Full Strength Network, a non-denominational Christian clergy family serving ministry, has spoken with more than 60 pastors about how they’re coping with the new reality of coronavirus. Many pastors indicated that they’re feeling worn down and worn out, but Howard also discovered some key strategies to how resilient pastors are staying engaged and energized.

*Ways to Honor Your Pastor (pg. 1)

Chuck Lawless • Baptist Press -October is Pastor Appreciation Month.This year has been a tough year for pastors and church leaders. The pandemic has changed almost everything we do, but pastors have pivoted quickly and worked hard to make adjustments. If ever they have earned appreciation, it’s this year.Here are some ways to show your gratitude during this Pastor Appreciation Month:

Fall Stampede Preview Day (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The first opportunity for prospective students to experience Central Baptist College in a group setting was Wednesday, Oct. 7. The CBC Admissions staff was pleased to welcome 14 students and their parents to campus for a total of 35 visitors. It was a beautiful day to experience CBC! During the Stampede Preview Day program, prospective students and their guests were able to visit with myself and other members of the Executive Leadership Team as well as do the following: (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

Lessons from Derrick’s Ordination (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This past Sunday, I had the privilege of being at and participating in the ordination service of Derrick Bremer. Until recently, Derrick had been serving as the youth pastor at Temple Baptist Church at Rogers. He is now the lead pastor of Denver Street Baptist Church of Greenwood. It was one of those surreal moments for me. Derrick was in my youth group when I was at Temple Church. If someone had told me during those early youth years that I would be attending his ordination service a decade later, I would have said, “You are crazy!” Derrick was full of personality, but I didn’t see that ministry desire when he was 14 years old. He was just a goofy young teenager.

Phase One: Macedonia (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Whether you are starting a new church or strengthening an existing church, there are certain skill sets needed. The foundation is your personal spiritual walk being vibrant and guided by the Holy Spirit. Yes, there are distinct challenges to both.

   Starting from scratch requires being able to gather people and build a congregation from ground zero. As a gatherer, you must be able to build relationships with people you do not know and share Christ with them.

Pondering Again (pg. 2)

Tom Mitchell – I was just thinking… I have always been a ponderer. My mind is never at rest. On occasion, I think that is not a bad thing. Then again, when my insomnia sets in, pondering becomes a difficulty — I just can’t turn it off! So, I am pondering again. I have long enjoyed reading quotations, brief writings and proverbs from people from generations long ago. I am also intrigued by the wisdom, the commentary — the pondering if you please — of people from this present generation. Likely, no one ever really pondered life — with its mountains and valleys days of delight and of difficulty — like King Solomon. There is a reason he is referred to as the wisest man to live on this earth.

My “Final” Trumpet (pg. 4)

Editor – No, I’m not leaving yet. I won’t be retiring until Nov. 5 at the state meeting. But I am handing over the reins of actually putting the Trumpet to bed to Jeff and Allan after this week’s issue so they will have hands-on experience while I’m still here to “keep it between the lines” as needed. (If you see any typos in these final issues, I’ll take the blame because although Allan will be proofing first, the articles will then come to me so I can go over them and help train him in that area. You may see some changes in the paper after I retire, but for the next three weeks, it should be about the same since Jeff and I have been working side-by-side all year to get the Trumpet out. Please remember, if he makes changes later on, that “Different isn’t better or worse, it’s just different.” I know you’ll be gracious and let Jeff and Allan make this ministry their own.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Court Temporarily Allows Abortion Pill by Mail; Judges: Ruling Harms Religious Freedom; “Cuties” Indicted; Christian Adoption Agency “Can’t be Shut Down”

How Important is a Candidate’s Position on Abortion? (pg. 5)

Chris Gonthier, BMA of Okla. Moral Action -Our society has shifted into an area of selfishness and self-centeredness. One of the clearest examples is the idea of abortion on demand, which has been mislabeled as a woman’s reproductive rights. Our country isn’t like China, or perhaps other countries, where you need government permission to have a child. In America, there are no limits on the number of children that you may have. So, to call abortion a woman’s reproductive right is very misleading.Some will hold to the idea that a woman should not be made to have a child if she doesn’t want one. That is fine, but the simple way to attain that goal is to not be a participant in unprotected relations.

Don Rock, Pastor Of Landmark, Dies (pg. 5)

Don Carlos Rock, 81 of Elizabeth, passed away Oct. 2. He was serving as pastor of Landmark Baptist Church and had been in the ministry for almost 30 years. His previous pastorates include Cleveland Baptist Church at Cleveland and Cane Market Baptist Church in Denham Springs, La. Survivors include: two daughters, Robin Daigle of Port Allen, La. and Donna Lynn Rock of Clinton; 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Graveside services were held Oct. 3 at Old Liberty Cemetery in Cleveland, with Alan Jackson officiating and under the direction of Barker Funeral Home in Salem. Memorials may be made to Cleveland Baptist Church, P.O. Box 16, Cleveland, Ark. 72030.

Your Attitude (pg. 5)

Jeff Swart – The longer I live, the more I realize that my personal attitude is one of the most important things about me. As I look back across my decades of life, I have come to believe that life is made up of about 10% of what happens to me and about 90% of how I react to what happens. It just seems to me that if we have a positive mental attitude there is no mountain too high or valley too deep in life.

How to Plan a Fall Festival in 2020 (pg. 6)

Brotherhood Mutual – Ensure a Sweet Time by Minding Tips on Social Distancing. Wondering if you can still host a fall festival, trunk-or-treat, or similar event this year? It depends on where you live, as well as how much risk you’re willing to assume. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you assess the current COVID-19 levels in your community before making that call. (The Harvard Global Health Institute offers real-time updates on its Risk Levels Dashboard at

COVID-friendly Halloween Alternative (pg. 6)

Tess Schoonhoven, Baptist Press For Lamar Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas, the October fall festival is a hallmark event for community outreach and children’s ministry. But this year, restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic make the usual event impossible.So church leaders came up with the “North Arlington Candy Hunt,” which the 500-member church will host Oct. 31 from 6-8 p.m. The event will be COVID safe and rain proof, according Ryan Gilbert, the church’s lead pastor.Lamar Baptist Church children’s pastor Joel Edgemon recorded a video explaining the church’s COVID-friendly Halloween outreach.

Contending for the Ancient Faith (pg. 7)

Paul White – The bottom line is “what saith the Scriptures?” The contending for the faith must be in the spirit of faith. Not in the spirit of proud and vaunting bigotry, but with enlightened meekness as we see ourselves as we appear to Christ. Not in the spirit of personal uncharitableness, but in the spirit of love and compassion for the lost masses. Not in the spirit of hurtful putting them down, but in the spirit of affectionate prayer. Not coming on as “holier than thou,” but clad only in the armor of righteousness. Not in anger and wrath, but in the spirit of tenderness and love.

Headed for Home (pg. 8)

Kerri Stitch (via Antioch, Conway)I’m a diamond kind of gal…baseball, that is! My Dad loved baseball and was a skilled catcher through minor league play. I learned early on that the ole ball yard provided the best of playgrounds and that popcorn tasted just as good, dusty and cold after capturing some lightning bugs. When the games ended, it was a real treat to run the bases and slide into home plate pretending it was the bottom of the 9th and victory was ours! Over the years, watching my sons play (and digging sunflower seeds out of the dryer) has given me a front row seat for connections to some spiritual observations we might want to pack with the cleats, and traveling gear to take home with us.

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