Current News – 11-04-2020

*BMAA Missions Announces Honor for Kidd (pg. 1)

Jerry Kidd has been serving the BMA for 62 years. First as a pastor, then as missionary, church planter, assistant director of international missions, director of international missions and director of missionary care. Known as a “Pastor of Missionaries,” his pioneering spirit and faithfulness to share the gospel to indigenous people has created a legacy of multiplying disciples and churches worldwide. With his wife and ministry partner, Sue by his side, he continues working to change lives and point people to Jesus. With this legacy of humble service in mind, BMAA Missions Executive Director John David Smith announced on Oct. 28 that the annual World Missions Day offering will now be called the Jerry D. Kidd Missions Offering….World Missions Day 2021 is Feb. 28, and BMAA Missions invites BMA churches and their congregations to celebrate this emphasis day by showing the World Missions Day video, praying for global missions and giving to the Jerry D. Kidd Missions Offering.

*Super Typhoon Goni Hits the Philippines (pg. 1)

Jeff Herring – In the early morning hours of Oct. 31, I received a message from Rita Ballard, missionary in the Philippines, asking us to pray for everyone in the path of the storm that was heading toward the small Philippine islands and then on to the island of Luzon. She asked us to pray for all those that will be affected by this large storm and also for their home that was in the projected path of the storm. Goni, which the locals called Rolly, is said to have been the world’s strongest storm yet in 2020. When the storm made landfall with sustained winds of 195 miles per hour on Nov. 1, it left a path of destruction behind it. At the height of the devastation there were 125 cities and towns left without electricity according to a report from NASA.

*Priority Scholarship Deadline is Dec. 10 (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The fall semester is moving fast and now is the time for high school seniors and transfer students who will be attending CBC for the Fall 2021 semester to apply and receive the best scholarship awards of the year. Apply for admission by Dec. 10, submit transcript(s) and ACT/SAT/Accuplacer test scores and complete the FAFSA* (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and you will automatically qualify to be the first CBC applicants of the academic year to receive a scholarship award package. On average, CBC freshmen receive $9,947 toward the cost of tuition, fees, room and board (meal plan). The average amount is made up of CBC scholarships and state and federal grants, not including student loans.

*Social Media & Student Ministry (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This week on the Student Ministry Matters podcast (, we are sharing an interview with Jeff McNiell. He is a youth pastor in Iowa….Are you utilizing social media in a positive way in your church and especially your student ministry? Too often, we just want to push it aside and say that it is “worldly.” Just like the printing press, social media is simply another form of technology that allows us to disseminate knowledge and has the added bonus of connection. Is it perfect? No. In fact, I would encourage you to check out “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix for a better understanding of what it may be doing to you and your students. However, while our students and society as a whole continue to use it, we want to utilize it for the kingdom. How do we do that? How do we create posts that honor God and show love for people? Here are a few ways to do just that:

*Resolving Conflict (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Disagreements and misunderstandings are going to happen between friends, family, co-workers and yes, even church mem-bers. The question is not will conflict happen but more importantly when it happens how will we address it. Never judge a congre-gation by whether they have problems but by how they handle and resolve those problems. Even godly friends can face a conflict of some kind that will require biblical and spiritual navigation. Two good people who are both following Christ can and will disagree at some point and time…. Here is a process of confrontation to consider because at some point you will need a plan on how to resolve conflict.

New Arkansas Abortion Poll (pg. 1)

A poll released Oct. 28 shows that 23% of Arkansans believe abortion ought to be completely illegal. That’s up from 17% in 2018 according to the same poll. The results were part of the Arkansas Poll conducted each year. Pollsters asked Arkansans if they believed abortion ought to be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances or illegal in all circumstances. The poll indicated that 24% of likely voters in Arkansas believe abortion ought to be illegal in all circumstances, and 60% of likely voters believe abortion ought to legal only under certain circumstances. Taken together, these numbers reveal that 84% of likely voters in Arkansas believe abortion ought to be either completely illegal or legal only in certain cases…. (

Court Asked To Uphold Ark. Laws (pg. 2)

The pro-life organization Americans United for Life announced that it has filed an amicus brief in the case Hopkins v. Jegley urging the Eighth Circuit to uphold a group of pro-life laws from Arkansas. In August a three-judge panel from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a lower court ruling against four pro-life laws the Arkansas Legislature passed in 2017. In response, the ACLU appealed to the entire Eighth Circuit to have the laws blocked once again. The pro-life laws in question are: Act 45 of 2017 (Dismemberment Abortion), Act 733 of 2017 (Sex-Selection Abortion), Act 1018 of 2017 (Reporting Requirements) and Act 603 of 2017 (Prohibiting Buying and Selling of Aborted Babies). The amicus brief Americans United for Life filed in October argues that the three-judge panel was correct to unblock the laws and encourages the Eighth Circuit to deny the ACLU’s request for a rehearing in the case. (

You Are Not A Failure Because You Fail (pg. 3)

Jeff Swart – There are many things in life that scar us and one of the most common and frequent is failure. Every one of us has failed before and we will fail again. I have often said, “You are not a failure because you fail, you are a failure because you quit.” As I have studied the Word of God and church history, I found that in the life of every great man of God there was a time when he was tempted to quit. For example:

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

School Prohibits Student from Wearing “Jesus Loves Me” Facemask; Dove Awards Focus on Music’s Impact During Hard Times;

Editor’s Notebook – Questions Answered/“Final” Goodbye (pg. 4)

Diane Spriggs – A few weeks ago, Jeff gave me several questions to answer (he wouldn’t tell me why). As I began answering the questions, I realized that they would be the perfect way for me to sum up my years of ministry, and I decided to include those answers in my final Notebook from the Editor column:

Dole (pg. 5)

Martha Brock – Dole is a funny word, wouldn’t you say? The word means the same as alms or small amount. A long time ago, or maybe not so long either, it was used to describe an allowance paid by the government to those who couldn’t get work — public dole. Fact is, the government still pays that allowance to a great many people who can’t (or won’t) work…

When High Winds Howl (pg. 5)

Protecting the inside of your building starts with the roof. Whether it’s caused by a storm, tornado, or hurricane, wind damage to roofs is often just the beginning of more serious harm to your property. But implementing best practices can help minimize the destruction and keep your ministry running in the wake of a high-wind event.

It Worked for Us (pg. 6)

Brian Ratliff – Do we wear masks or not? Do we quarantine, social distance and have church services or do we go virtual? These are very valid and necessary questions when making decisions about church events in 2020. We had to ask these questions as we began discuss-ing the Party on the Parking Lot, our annual “trunk-or-treat” event. We didn’t want to scrap the event and wait until next year, so we decided to do something that would meet the recommend-ed social distancing needs and have something our community could still enjoy. We brainstormed until we came up with an idea that we called “A Drive-Through Bible Adventure.”

Herring, Former Editor’s Sister, Dies (pg. 6)

Judy Tidwell Herring, 79 of Shorter, Ala., passed away Nov. 2. She attended Central Baptist College and was the sister of the late David Tidwell, who served as editor of the Baptist Trumpet from 1969-2002.          Survivors include her husband, Burton, who was ordained at New Home Baptist Church in Quitman, pastored several BMA of Arkansas churches, including: Faith Memorial at Quitman, Bald Knob at Plumerville, Mt. Olive at Alma, Spring Creek at Springdale, Rondo at Rondo, Oak Grove at North Little Rock and Grace at Pine Bluff. He also served Calvary at Huntsville, Ala. and Rigby Street in Montgomery, Ala. where he served for almost 30 years. He has served as pastor of Seman Congregational Church for the past 10 years. She has 4 children, 21 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren and 2 on the way. Other survivors include three nephews who are ordained ministers in the BMA: Bill Goodwin, pastor of First Baptist Church in Newark; Baptist Trumpet Executive Editor Elect Jeff Herring; and his brother, John Herring, pastor of Refuge Church, Nixa, Mo. A family graveside service will be held soon and a memorial service will be announced at a later date. Arrangements are being handled by Gassett Funeral Home in Wetumpka, Ala. (

Alice Brashear Called Home (pg. 6)

Alice Brashear, 80 of Waxahachie, Texas passed away Oct. 30. She was a homemaker and a pastor’s wife for over 60 years. She is survived by her husband Roy H. Brashear; daughter, Crystal (Garrett) Schann of Crowley, Texas; a brother and three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Nov. 2 at Farley Street Baptist Church with Richard Smith and Jeremy Franklin officiating. In-terment was at the Red Oak Cemetery in Red Oak, Texas under the direction of Wayne Boze Funeral Home in Waxahachie, (

Adams Promotes Morality (pg. 6)

Dr. John Adams – It is my privilege to write again about this great work of God. As I represent the churches of the BMA, I see the responsibility as great and I ask for your prayers personally and for this agency. Mrs. Adams (Darla) and I continue to contact representatives and senators in the Mississippi State House and via letters and texts to U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives as we humbly ask for their allegiance to an awesome God. We prayerfully request that we keep God in our Pledge of Allegiance to our U.S. flag and keep “In God We Trust” on our coinage and paper money. Anti-fa desires to completely eradicate God from our history books. We ask our political leaders to thwart liberals from rewriting our Christian/American history.

Master’s Builders Return to New Liberty at Emmet (pg. 6)

Nelda Malone – On Oct. 19, the Master’s Builders met at New Liberty Baptist at Emmet to try to complete their part in the building of the new sanctuary. There were 12 Master’s Builders that worked all or part of the time there. Two drove back and forth each day — one from Hooks, Tex. and another from Hope. The Builders were there to prepare the ceiling for sheetrock installation, install the baptistry and stairways, build a stage and complete all the sheetrock. The Master’s Builders took this beautiful church building as far as we could on this return trip. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project and the sweet fellowship we have shared. Thank you to all the members of the church family who have made us feel so special. We had great food, fellowship and help with the building. We will keep you in our prayers as you have the finishing work done. Thank you to Bro. James and Carol Cox for everything. The flock you shepherd is truly a special one.

State Missions (pg. 7)

Paul White – Part 1: Prayer – What we have here in Luke 11:1-4, is the Model prayer. Many times it is referred to as the Lord’s prayer, but when Jesus was in the garden praying to God for this cup to be removed, that was actually the Lord’s prayer. The model prayer can be found in the gospel of Luke….The problem of prayer is that for many, it is a very misunderstand and misused part of their Christian life. No greater asset do we have than the privilege of prayer. Without a doubt, prayer is the most powerful and yet the most unused of all our Christian privileges. Then what is prayer? Prayer is us communicating with God just as the Bible is God communicating with us. If fellowship is to exist, then the lines of communication must always be open. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and Jesus gave us the example in the model prayer. We would be wise to follow its example.

Spotlight – Scroggins (pg. 7)

Stan & Donna Scroggins Missionaries – While things seem to be opening up in the Philippines, we are still not able to return. We are praying our type of visa will be next on the list that is allowed to return to the country. We received word from the Bible College of the need to help with providing food for students during the weekends. Due to the lock-down, students are not able to go to their respective weekend work locations and are quarantined on the campus…. Who Are the Ati People? The Ati people are an indigenous group of tribal people living in the mountains of our island, Negros Occidental…. About two years ago Donna was invited to do ministry with the tribe and we began a work with them…. Let me introduce to you our newest hero. Pastor John Rey Vallejera (Pastor JoJo) is a graduate of our Bible College.…

Personality Profile (pg. 8)

Allan Eakin, Associate Editor

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