Current News – 11-11-2020

*2nd Longest Serving Editor Retires (pg. 1)

Jeff Herring – The Editor/Business Manager of the Baptist Trumpet (Diane Spriggs) is retiring…Diane joined the Baptist Trumpet staff on January 2, 1980 when she was hired by David Tidwell, the Trumpet’s longest serving editor, as a “temporary, part-time typesetter.” She served under and learned from him for 22 of the 32 years he served as editor. From 1980 until 2002, Diane served in many different roles as part of the Trumpet staff and in 2002 she was appointed by the Publications Committee as the Assistant Editor to the newly elected editor, Bobby Bowman, who served until 2005. On November 3, 2005 the Publica­tions Committee presented Diane to the messengers gathered at First Baptist Church in Magnolia as their chosen candidate for the next Editor/Busi­ness Manager of the Baptist Trumpet. The BMA of Arkansas unanimously approved the recommendation of the Committee. When she retired last week, she had served as editor for 15 years becoming the second longest serv­ing editor in the history of the Trumpet.

*CBC Announces 2nd Annual Gala (pg. 1)

Central Baptist College will host its 2nd Annual Scholarship Gala Feb. 20, 2021 at 6 p.m. at the Conway Expo Center. The black-tie optional event will be a celebration of patriotism and faith and will feature keynote speaker, Ret. Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell. The pro­ceeds from the event benefit the CBC Scholarship Fund which supports all institutionally funded scholarships…For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or contact Amy Reed, Director of Development, at or 501-205-8934.

*BMA of Arkansas Meets (pg. 1)

Allan Eakin – The 71st annual BMA of Arkansas meeting was held Thursday and Friday, Nov. 5-6, at Central Baptist College. The theme, chosen by President Tom Mitchell, was “In Times Like These.”…A highlight of the meeting was the annual sermon… by Michael Hight (pastor of First Baptist Church at Caldwell)…Bro. Hight shared a sermon titled, “In Times Like These, Guard Your Heart,” based on Prov. 4:23-27…The reports from the four depart­mental directors — Terry Kimbrow, Paul White, Dan Carson and Diane Spriggs/Jeff Herring — appear on pages 4-5 of today’s Trumpet.

*New Trumpet Editor Elected (pg. 1)

Allan Eakin – During the 71st annual session of the BMA of Arkansas, messengers unani­mously approved Jeff Herring as executive editor of the Baptist Trumpet. He succeeds retiring editor Diane Spriggs. Herring joined the Trumpet staff in May 2019 as assistant editor. Because of his life-long connection with the BMA, his writing skills and technical abilities, Jeff is very qualified for the position. Former Editor Diane Spriggs trained him for nearly eighteen months. Jeff is available to speak at churches, associational meetings and auxillary gatherings to promote the ministry of the Baptist Trumpet. Contact him at (501) 565-4601 or

*Over Functioning (pg. 2)

Larry Barker – When I first began working as the BMA Director of Church Planting, I remember being at the office one day, overwhelmed with the amount of work that was on my desk. Many days, I felt like I ran from one fire to the next, doing my best to extinguish them. The workday was over according to the clock, but I wanted to get all the work accomplished on my to-do list that was staring me in the face. One of my heroes and mentors, Jerry Kidd, stepped into my office and told me to go home. He then gave me two great pieces of advice I have always remembered — that it would be there when I got to the office the next day, and it could wait until then; and that it was not going to get any better.

Qualities of a Faithful Servant (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the 71st annual meeting of the BMA of Arkansas to share about the work of the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. It was great to see friends and fellow servants as we work together to honor God through service. Perhaps one of the most meaningful moments came when Diane Spriggs was honored for 40+ years of service at the Baptist Trumpet as she retired. I have known Mrs. Diane for a number of years, but during these past four she has been a special encouragement to me…As I think about her influence in my life and others, we can see the qualities that make it easy for us to say, “Thank you for being a faithful servant.” What are some of those qualities that we might be able to apply to our ministry with students?

The Lord is on His Heavenly Throne (pg. 3)

Tom Mitchell – After a weekend separating us from the two days of meetings at the 71st Annual Session of the BMA of Ar­kansas, I was just thinking…“the eyes of the Lord are always on us!” King David, the lyricist of Israel, wrote, “The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord is on his heavenly throne. He observes the sons of men; his eyes examine them” (Psa. 11:4). The year 2020 is coming to a close in a short while. What a strange, odd and curious year it has been. The old adage “hindsight is 20/20” certainly comes to mind. I will be glad when it is behind us. But no matter what may confront us, “the Lord is on His heavenly throne.”

BMA of Arkansas Departmental Reports (pg. 4-5)

Central Baptist College; Arkansas Youth Department/Student Ministry Matters; Baptist Trumpet; State Missions;

Journey with Jeff – Honored to Serve (pg. 6)

Jeff Herring – Thank you for electing me to this place of service. As I have shared previ­ously, this is not a ministry that I aspired to but I believe it is a ministry that God brought me to and a place He has asked me to serve. From the time I answered God’s call to ministry 27 years (Nov. 7, 1993), my goal has been to be faithful to serve to the best of my ability in whatever capacity He asks me to serve.

Scruggs, BMA Minister, Dies (pg. 6)

Luther Aaron Scruggs, 88 of Springdale passed away Nov. 5. He was a pastor for almost 60 years and pastored 12 churches in 3 states, in­cluding: Bald Knob Baptist Church at Plumerville and Zion Baptist Church at Lowell. Most recently he was a member of Springdale Baptist Church.

State Missions (pg. 7)

Paul White – The 71st Annual session of the BMA of Arkansas met Nov. 5-6 in Conway. Even in the midst of this terrible virus, it was well attended. I want to thank each of the Missionary Committee men for being there and accepting the recom­mendations as they were presented. I am truly grateful the association voted to reelect all of our present missionaries and to add Clinton Morris to serve as our newest missionary in the Rogers area. It was also agreed to approve Angel Colon as our new Hispanic planter to work in the northwest part of the state pending conformation from the Advisory Committee. When Angel is approved, he will make the tenth missionary serving at this present time. Wow!

The Will of God Will Be Done (pg. 7)

Dr. Michael Brown – There are many conditional prom­ises in the Bible. God will do this if we do that. God will relent if we repent. God will answer if we pray. Perhaps the most famous example of this in the Scriptures is in 2 Chron. 7:14, spoken by the Lord to King Solomon after the building of the first temple in Jerusalem…Now, we cannot make a direct ap­plication of this verse to the USA, since America is not chosen in the sense that Israel was chosen, and God does not call our entire nation “My people.” Yet, since there are tens of millions of His people in America, to the extent we humble ourselves and repent and pray, I believe that God will answer from heaven and have mercy on our nation. How, then, does this apply to the outcome of the elections? When all is said and done and the votes are fully counted, can we say, “The will of God has been done?” I believe the answer is yes, we can say, “God’s will was done,” regardless of the outcome.

BMA of Arkansas 2020-21 Officers, Departments and Committees (pg. 8)

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