Current News – 01-20-2021

*Director’s Prayers and Goals for 2021 (pg. 1)

BMA Global Mission (Dr. John David Smith, Executive Director)

From Argentina to Zambia and many places in between, BMA Global Missions is carrying out the first and foremost privilege and purpose of local churches and our association of churches… Great Commission Missions. We are thankful for a group of churches that are not only missionary in name, but remain committed to and focused on biblical missions. BMA Global Missions is defined by the clear mandate of our Master when He told us to go to all the nations and make disciples. … Our long-range goals include the audacious goal of doubling our number of missions personnel within the next 8-10 years. Just a few years ago we had a total of 33 missions personnel, including international and U.S. personnel. Today, we have more than doubled that number to 72.

Daniel Springs Baptist Camp (Jason Prewitt, Executive Director)

When I look back on 2020, I have much for which to be thankful as God has been so good to us. I took the holidays to slow down and enjoy more time with my amazing wife and our three boys. I also used the time to take a good look at the facility’s needs and reflect on the dependable young men and women that live locally, who were able to invest in groups as hosted pool parties, small events and church group retreats during the summer and fall. Now the question is “What is God going to do in 2021, and how do we get to be a part?” Here are some of our prayer needs and goals:

Baptist Trumpet (Jeff Herring, Executive Director)

As I began to think about the “Prayers and Goals” for the Baptist Trumpet for the coming year, I took some time to review those of the past three years since this column began. Upon review of those goals, it is clear to see that there are some things that will always be a part of the future of the Baptist Trumpet — support and excellency — and some that comes along to further our mission. Our goals for 2021 are:

CBC Announces New Date For 2nd Annual Scholarship Gala (pg. 1)

CBC has announced a new date for its 2nd Annual Scholarship Gala. Originally planned for Feb. 20, the event will now take place on Saturday, June 5 at 6 p.m. at the Conway Expo Center. The black-tie optional event will be catered by CBC Dining Services under the direction of Chef Jill McCollum. The night will be a celebration of patriotism and faith and will feature keynote speaker, Ret. Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell. The proceeds from the event benefit the Central Baptist College Scholarship Fund which supports institutionally-funded scholarships.

*CBC Announces Changes To Homecoming 2021 (pg. 1)

Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Central Baptist College has made the difficult decision to greatly alter programming for Homecoming 2021, which was scheduled for Jan. 29-30. The basketball games will still take place as scheduled, and a 2021 Homecoming Queen will be crowned. Besides these events, no other programming will be scheduled for Homecoming 2021.

CBC Legacy Event (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Office of Admissions is hosting its first legacy event on Friday, Jan. 29. The event will be virtual, and the exact time will be released very soon. The purpose of the event is to have CBC alumni attend with their children or grandchildren. The fun, history, mission and values of CBC will be showcased. Of course, this will look quite different this year. However, the people and the mission are what make this college so special and can be showcased virtually.

Make Your Personal Campus Visit (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Legacy Event that I announced last week to take place in conjunction with Homecoming 2021 activities on Jan. 29 has also been canceled. However, there are other ways for you and your prospective student to experience the CBC campus. On Feb. 10, 2021 CBC will host an in-person Stampede Preview Day, with all mandated COVID-related precautions in place. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m., the event will start promptly at 10 a.m., and end at 2 p.m.

*Plugging Students Into Ministry Roles (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Back in my high school days, I still remember two roles that my church gave me: One was that I was in charge of the devotional before the Baptist Training Service at 5 p.m. on Sunday. It seemed trivial at the time, but I think back to the time it gave me in front of a congregation. The people of Springdale Baptist Church didn’t know that I was going to be serving as a pastor at that point, but they wanted to invest in a young man and give him the opportunity to grow. Did I mess up in that role? Yes. I was constantly nervous standing in front of a crowd and believe I even flaked out one evening to watch an Indiana Jones movie with my friends. Did they give up on me? No. They knew that my parents weren’t in church at that point in our lives, and this was a great way for me to serve. The second area of service that they provided was after my senior year in high school.

*Three Timeless Functions of a Shepherd (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The imagery of a shepherd is used in the Scriptures of a pastor/elder. Jesus is called our Chief Shepherd. It pictures how you are to care for the people God has called you to lead and oversee. Parents shepherd their children, small group leaders shepherd their people and a pastor shepherds his congregation. In I Peter 5:1-3 (ESV), Peter challenges us, “I exhort the elders among you: Shepherd God’s flock among you… being examples to the flock.” What does God require from shepherds?

A Spiritual Snowflake (pg. 3)

Jeff Swart – As King Saul and his armies were returning home after being victorious against the Philistines, a group of women came out of the cities of Israel to greet their conquering heroes (I Sam. 18:6). As these ladies came, they played musical instruments and composed a new song (I Sam. 18:7). The first verse said, “Saul has slain his thousands…” This was music to Saul’s ears. A smile came upon his face, his eyes brightened and he threw his shoulders back. He was happy to be the center of attention by these fair young ladies. Then, the ladies sang the second verse of their song that said, “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands” (I Sam. 18:7). Saul didn’t like the second verse of the song and that monster we call “jealousy” entered his heart, and the Bible says from that day on “Saul kept a jealous eye on David” (I Sam. 18:9).

We Are Making Progress (pg. 4)

We haven’t really mentioned it much, but we have been the process of transitioning to a new circulation management system since September. Our goal was not only to replace our outdated system with something that was more efficient and reliable, but also to provide some new features for our subscribers. One of these is a customer portal that will allow you to manage your subscription at As of this week, we are finalizing most of the behind-the-scenes changes and hope to be rolling out some of the new features in the next few weeks.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

*COVID  Claims the Lives of Sons of Three Former Missionaries on Same Day (pg. 5)

Randy Allen Schoenrock, 59 of Forney, Texas, passed away Jan. 14 from complications of COVID-19. His survivors include his parents, BMA Minister and former director of BMA of America Missions James (Wilma) Schoenrock….Sherrell Ray Thornton, 68, of Ridgeland, Miss. passed away on Jan. 14. He was the son of the late Ray and Shirley Thornton, who served as BMA of America interstate missionaries, and was a member of First Baptist Church of Madison, Miss.…Sherron “Ted” Rayburn Freeman, 60 of Laurel, Miss. passed away Jan. 14. He had been a member of Springhill Baptist Church in Laurel, Miss. for 40 years. His survivors include his parents, former BMA missionaries to the Philippines Rayburn and Faye Freeman and a brother, Sam Freeman, whose family currently serves as missionaries to the Philippines.

Jones, Pastor’s Son, Dies (pg. 5)

Andrew Wesley Jones, 34, of Laurel, Miss., passed away Jan. 9. He was the son of Corbey (Cindy) Jones. His father serves as pastor of Good Hope Baptist Church in Stringer, Miss. and assistant editor of the Mississippi Baptist newspaper.

Trimble, Texas Minister, Dies (pg. 5)

Danny Pat Trimble, 61 of Gilmer, Texas, passed away Jan. 4. He served as a pastor for over 40 plus years and retired from New Hope Baptist Church in Upshur County.

Fortner, Texas Minister, Dies (pg. 5)

David L. Fortner, 78 of Canton, Texas, passed away Jan. 8. He attended East Central College in Ada, Okla. and Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas and was a U.S. Army veteran.

Pat Cline, Pastor’s Mother, Dies (pg. 5)

Patsy N. Cline, 80, of Maumelle, passed away Jan. 10. She was a member of South City Church in Little Rock, where her son, Drew (Lori) Cline serves as pastor.

Spotlight On Missions (pg. 6)

Doug & Diane Lee (The Philippines) — The BMA Bible College is devoted to training, teaching and mentoring young men and women to become pastors, missionaries, church musicians and workers. After they graduate, they leave to carry out the Great Commission throughout the Philippines and Asia. We depend totally on the support of individuals and churches to continue the operation of this great institution. Danny & Rita Ballard (The Philippines)  – We would like to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and financial support. The year 2020 was unlike any other year. We have seen many things that we always would say “that would never happen,” but the Lord reminds us to always be ready for what is to come. It was a very challenging year for us, and I am sure all of you as well. We experienced many hardships but at the same time, the Lord has blessed us beyond measure in ways that we never expected:


Remain Faithful (pg. 7)

Paul White – At the end of your life will you hear the Lord say “well done, thou good and faithful servant?” I personally believe those will be the sweetest and most desired words a follower of Christ will ever hear. To help us, Jude gives us some instructions. We find that he is counseling those who are enduring difficult times and shares four things they need to do if they are to persevere (continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty):

Eradicate All Bitterness (pg. 8)

Ben Kingston – A subject that should be on the top of all our New Year’s resolutions list is to eradicate all bitternessfrom our lives this year. The Bible has much to say about bitterness, including:

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