Current News – 02-03-2021

*Missionaries to Transition Back to the States (pg. 1)

Jimmy Walker — As you know, we came home on furlough in March in hopes of returning to the Philippines in August. Due to travel restrictions set forth by the Philippine government we are still unable to return. It has been nearly 11 months and at this time we feel that God has closed the door on a possible full-time return to the Philippines. We will continue to stay involved in a logistical support with the work there and I (Jimmy) plan to travel back and forth a couple times a year. While this was not our plan when we returned home, this was the Lord’s plan, and we trust that He is working all things out.

*Greetings Arkansas BMA! (pg. 1)

David Powell – Blessed, happy, safe and healthy new year ahead! I wanted to acknowledge your participation in the Military BibleStick (MBK) outreach in 2020. It was a challenging year on so many levels and yet you continued to provide God’s Word to our nation’s military and Veteran communities. Thank you, on behalf of the Chaplains, the troops and Veterans. An Army Sergeant wrote “As a reservist, it is difficult to leave my civilian life and deploy. I am a pastor, and it was heartbreaking to leave the flock. The MBK has been amazing and has kept me grounded in the Word daily. I have given many Audio Bibles to fellow soldiers, and they love them.

*Lifeword and the Mission of God (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather  – Four years ago, when the Lifeword Cloud was being concepted and implemented, Executive Director Donny Parrish gave team members their roles in its development. It was an exciting time for all of us, and we prayed for God’s guidance and favor as His plans became a reality. Thankfully, Donny is not just a vision caster; he’s also a “pray-er;” and pray we did!  Looking back at that time period of the unknown, we can see how God worked in incredible ways, including the addition of a team member, Director of Internet Broadcasting & Digital Strategy Jon Dodson, who had many years of experience in marketing, website management and digital strategy.

World Missions Day 2021 (pg. 1)

Have you registered your church for World Missions Day 2021 on Feb. 28?  There’s still time to let us know you’re planning to celebrate global missions on that day (or any day you choose). When you go to to register your church, we will send your pastor a free BMA Missions polo. You can also order or download posters, bulletin inserts, a promotional guide and a World Missions Day video featuring four of our more than 500 ChangeMakers from around the world.

Homecoming Queen Crowned (pg. 2)

The 2021 CBC Homecoming Court was presented in a private ceremony in the AR Reddin Fieldhouse on Friday, Jan. 29 at 6:30 p.m. Madelyn Jameson was crowned the 2021 Homecoming Queen by President Terry Kimbrow and the 2020 Homecoming Queen, Olivia Farris.

Four Ways to Encourage Students to Look Outward (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – “Circle the wagons!” In many ways, that is what 2020 felt like. Many of our ministries had to scramble to quickly move to online worship, online giving and online groups. Now, almost a year later, we still find ourselves in a circle. Unfortunately, some of our people didn’t make it into the safety of the circle and we haven’t seen them in our group since. Our churches find themselves in a weird state — and I’m not referring to Texas! I’m referring to the state of limbo. We want to return things to “normal,” but know we can’t because of COVID-19.

*Church Health: Senior Pastor Transition (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Paul is exhorting Timothy (II Tim. 4:1-5) in an excellent example of a minister of the gospel handing a ministry off to another minister of the gospel. Passing the baton is critical to winning relay races. Success or failure depends not only on how fast the runners run, but how well they transfer the baton. If the transfer is mishandled or dropped, at best, valuable time will be lost and, at worst, the race will be lost. Paul spent intentional time where both he and Timothy were racing together and an indispensable overlap of mentoring occurred.

*Trailblazers Who Were Not Preachers (pg. 3)

Tom Mitchell – In the course of the past year, I have written a number of articles focusing on pastors and leaders who were definitely trailblazers of the BMA of Arkansas. I was just thinking a few weeks ago that we also have had some truly great servants of the Lord, trailblazers if you please, who were not preachers. . . Thomas Oran Tollett immediately comes to mind.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Don’t Let Unemployment Fraud Trouble You This Tax Season (pg. 4)

Tax season is upon us, and, unfortunately, this year many Arkansans have the added stress of dealing with fraudulent unemployment compensation claims when filing their taxes. Victims of unemployment fraud may have income wrongfully reported in their name that could add to their tax burden. Many consumers have been rightfully concerned about the safety of their personal and financial information due to this type of fraud.

Stark, Dr. Duggars Daughter, Dies (pg. 5)

Lily Mae Stark, 80 of Little Rock, passed away on Dec. 20. She was the daughter of the late Dr. John & Maxine Duggar. Dr. Duggar, who passed away in 1998, served the BMA in many ways, including pastoring churches, as missionary to Brazil and as president of BMA Theological Seminary, where the library annex was named in his honor.

Joyce Misenheimer, Minister’s Wife, Dies (pg. 5)

Dr. Joyce H. Misenheimer, 84 of Fayetteville, passed away Jan. 22. For 66 years, she was the wife of BMA Minister Phil Misenheimer, who pastored churches in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, served as an interstate missionary in Florida and as a chaplain at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville. Dr. Misenheimer also was the previous president of the WMA of the BMA of America.

Satan is Like a Wart!

Jeff Knowlton – I was in a counseling session a few months ago, and was asked, “How do I keep Satan from oppressing me?” That is a good question, and God gives us the answers we need in His Holy Word. First of all, we have to recognize that Satan as our adversary. Satan hates God and His children and has fought against every man of God. Just a few, for example, he fought against:

In Business With God (pg. 6)

Martha Brock – Business is an honorable word. Everyone must have a business, occupation, job or responsibility. That is what the word means. See, it is an honorable word. Sometimes people forget that their “business” is a way for them to put their talents to the best use while taking care of the material needs of their family. They make “business” top priority.

Spotlight On Missions: Michael & Laura Beth Strong (pg. 6)

The year is starting out in a pretty busy way. Our family has been impacted beyond presidential elections and COVID vaccines. Around the end of the year, I learned my last living grandmother had lung cancer.  While we were sorrowful about Grandma, we had two surprises. The first was our son, John Michael came to Christ! He had been praying about following Christ for some time. We celebrated this joyous occasion, and I held it in my heart as I wrestled with the reality that now both my son and grandmother would someday be secure in heaven.

State Missions: Urgent Need (pg. 7)

Paul White -The gospel message is the good news, so why do we find it so difficult to share such an amazing message with others? It seems to me we can tend to acquire a defensive stance (dormant). We find ourselves hanging out with people who are like-minded, knowing there is a feeling of safety and acceptance among our peers. Please do not misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with fellowshipping with fellow believers, but there are few converts witnessed in that setting.

When Alexa Isn’t Helpful (pg. 7)

Like many, I’ve been trying to bake more while spending more time around the house. More than once, I’ve shouted out to “Alexa” to help me convert cups to tablespoons. While convenient, it also helps me realize how often I ask questions and go to a tech source for answers. Don’t you love using YouTube as a training source for all of your DIY projects? It’s amazing! What I am humbled to see is how the speed with which I turn to technology for answers eclipses the speed with which I turn to God for life answers.

Moral Action Committee: What is America’s Hope? (pg. 8)

Dr. John Adams – What is America’s hope? We must claim God’s promise of healing. God says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (II Chron. 7:14). We must meet several conditions before healing can come:

A Valentine Form (Or From?) Jimmy

Jim Elliff – Valentine’s Day brings back some strange childhood memories for me. I’m especially haunted by the fact that after signing my batch of Valentines the night before the classroom exchange I would invariably inscribe some with “form Jimmy.” I hated that. I knew the difference between “form” and “from,” but my hand seemed destined to make this mistake at least some of the time. This was alright if the card went to someone with “cooties,” but heart-wrenching if it went to some of my favorite people.

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