Current News – 02-24-2021

Lifeword and Local Church Produce Virtual World Missions Day Program (pg. 1)*

For the past few years, Immanuel Baptist Church in Greenbrier has hosted a World Missions Day program to benefit churches in their local association. The service consisted of a program element, generally a panel discussion and a plenary speaker from the panel. Churches in the local association would then take up an offering that was divided equally and given to the ministries of the speakers. This year, due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19, Immanuel could not consider an in-person service for their local association. Rather than seeing present circumstances as an excuse to go smaller, the church saw that the Lord had presented the opportunity to go bigger.

Mission is Our What (pg. 1)*

Larry Barker – Your core values are why you do what you do. Mission is the “what” you are supposed to be doing by obeying the Great Co-Mission in Matt. 28:18-20. God has commanded every Christian and every church to cooperate by working with Him in His mission. It is much more than the fact that your church has a mission to carry out. God’s mission has churches to carry it out. How well are you doing that? How often are you sharing the gospel one-on-one with people who are far from God? Are you intentionally making His mission your mission?

Will You Help Us Update Your Church Information? (pg. 1)*

John Meriweather – A key service we provide our association is a database of information on all of our churches and ministries. We publish this information in an annual directory and use it to ensure that your church and your pastor are included in any communications from our association and its various departments and ministries. Information is critical in helping us communicate and stay connected.

CBC Responds to Three Rounds of Winter Weather (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – As you are reading this article, CBC has resumed normal campus operations after being either closed or operating virtually since Thursday, Feb. 11. Three winter weather systems hit back-to-back, dumping over a foot of snow on the campus and bringing sustained temperatures in the single digits. This caused campus operations to be adjusted for over a week. During this time, many students remained in campus housing, essential campus operations continued and except for three days, classes met as scheduled. I wanted to share with you a bit about how this was accomplished.

The Importance of Friends During the High School Years (pg. 2)

Dan CarsonOn Monday, Feb. 22, I attended the funeral of my dear friend, Jason Bowman. I met Jason in my seventh grade Beginning Low Brass class at Southwest Junior High in Springdale. Jason was a quiet guy, especially during those junior high years, but it was an easy friendship because we both loved band. It wasn’t long until we had developed our own little band of brothers (and sisters) during those years in junior high school.

I’m Glad I’m a BMA Baptist (pg. 3)

Dr. Tony Cleaver – The last words my father-in-law spoke to me were these, “I’m glad I’m a BMA Baptist.” Of all the words he could have used, of all the words that might have crossed his mind, of all the words he might have considered necessary, those are the words that he was able to speak in that private moment. I believe they are significant. They were significant to him because it took great effort to speak the words. The words are significant to me, as a hearer, because of the great exhortation to pay heed to them. They are significant to our denomination because of the great expectancy that challenges us to continue the journey.

Just the Crumbs Ministry Update (pg. 3)

Lavon HadenJust the Crumbs personally responded to seven disasters during 2020, and supplied funds to Belle Fontaine Baptist Church on Dauphin Island Parkway in Alabama after Hurricane Sally damaged the roofs on the church building, education building and the parsonage.

During the winter we carried boxes of food supplies to those in our area who can use a helping hand, as well as doing necessary equipment upkeep. After a tornado tore through Fultondale, Ala. on Jan. 25, Just the Crumbs set up in an old Shoney’s building and began feeding volunteers and families in a trailer park on Feb. 6.

Love One-Another (pg. 3)

Jeff Swart – The famous “Praying Hands” picture that we have all seen was created by Albrecht (Albert) Durer (1471–1528), who was born in Germany, the son of a Hungarian goldsmith. The story is told that Albert and a friend roomed together during their years of study at an art school. They both worked part-time jobs around their classes, but they did not earn enough money to pay their living expenses. Albert had an idea and suggested to his friend that he go to work full-time to earn the necessary income to pay their living expenses while his friend pursued his art studies full-time. Then, when his friend finished his studies, he would work full-time while Albert went back to school to finish his education. The friend was pleased with the suggestion, but insisted that he be allowed to work first while Albert finished his studies.

Journey With Jeff (pg. 4)

Jeff Herring – Last week we announced that the customer portal is now available at to manage your subscription. I receive a notification when people are logging in and making changes and there have been many individuals and churches that are taking advantage of the new way to manage your subscription. Churches can manage their list and make payment arrangements through the portal and individual subscribers can update their profile, manage their subscription and manage payment options. We have 55 churches that have given us an email to add to their account, so these churches have access to the church portal. If your church would like to use the customer portal to manage your church plan, please contact us so we can register your email with your plan and set up access for you.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

From the States (pgs. 5-9)

Comfort in a Season of Grief and Tragedy (pg. 9)

John ChapmanHave you ever meticulously planned and worked toward a great vacation, only to have something happen that shatters your dream trip? If so, you know the discouragement that can bring. Have you ever had a shattered vacation that was saved by a Bible verse? I have, and it put me on the path toward a wise principle that continues to impact my life in many positive ways.

Six Tips for Resolving Conflict in the Church (pg. 10)

Many people prefer to avoid conflict, hoping that it will go away; but time only causes the wounds to get deeper, further damaging relationships. When conflict occurs in the church, it can threaten the unity of a congregation. Experts say the only way to heal conflict is to acknowledge and address it. But how? Ken Sande, a leader in the Christian peacemaking field, offers some time-tested biblical principles for resolving conflicts among people at church.

State Missions: You Must Be Sure of Your Salvation (part 2 of 3)(pg. 11)

Paul White – “Hear ye and your soul shall live” (Isa. 55:3). Suddenly my mind races to Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones in Ezek. 37:1-14. The building of a vivid picture of a world dead in trespasses and sins begins to unfold. As I scan the panorama before me, the living dead of every creed, color and nationality move about in the dark places of this vast valley with their inhuman and ungodly tactics for personal gain and worldly pleasures. I move to a higher ground, a voice, “can these bones live?”  I can answer as the prophet Ezekiel, “O lord thou knoweth.” We understand well this vision to portray or announce the future restoration of the nation of Israel while symbolizing the method of her accomplishments of the same. The vision also pictures the true method of any individual that would, through the power and grace of God, pass from death unto life.

Seminary Offers Free Course (pg. 12)*

The BMA Seminary is offering a free online course in Spring 2021. The course will be eight weeks long and includes various assignments and opportunities to interact with fellow students. Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. Free courses are not for credit and do not apply to any degrees. These courses are offered strictly for the educational benefit of the general public. Students will only receive a certificate of completion. Individuals who wish to take courses for credit or pursue a degree should apply for regular semester courses at the seminary.

Beware of Winter Weather Scams, Price Gouging (pg. 12)

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is urging Arkansans to be on guard against scam artists and price gouging following the recent severe winter weather that has impacted the entire State. The snow and ice can cause damage to homes, businesses, vehicles, trees and other property and clean-up efforts may require some Arkansans to seek assistance from contractors or repairmen.

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