Current News – 04-14-21

CBC Students Place in the Governor’s Cup Competition (pg. 1)*

For the first time in Central Baptist College history, a team of students, along with a faculty advisor, competed in the Arkansas Governor’s Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition. The team competed in the Small Business Division and were one of six finalists in this division who participated in the 2021 Virtual Awards Presentation with a Live Elevator Pitch Competition on April 8. Students Colton Ryan and Daniel Hopp were awarded second place in their division and a cash award of $10,000.

Why SOAR Conference? (pg. 1)*

Chris Vines – The fact that many faithful conferences exist and are easily accessible for many people is a blessing from the Lord. However, since this is the reality of our current culture and since SOAR is one conference among a plethora of others, any faithful church leader or discerning parent must ask the question, “Why should my teenagers attend the SOAR conference?” Consider these four reasons:

Americans’ Views of Life’s Meaning and Purpose are Changing (pg. 1)*

    (via As Americans attempt to move past the life-altering effects of 2020, their perspective is shifting on some of the most significant questions facing humanity. A study from Nashville-based Lifeway Research finds, compared to a decade ago, U.S. adults today are more likely to regularly wonder about meaning and purpose in this life, but less likely to strongly believe finding a higher meaning and purpose is important. Americans are also more likely to contemplate whether they will go to Heaven when they die, but less likely to strongly believe there is

more to life than this physical world.

CENTRAL BAPTIST COLLEGE:  Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 Information (pg. 2)

Terry KimbrowWhether you or someone you know is a working adult looking to start or complete their college degree or a high school or transfer student wanting to find their college home, now is the time to make enrollment plans for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 classes.

CBC Announces 2021 Employee Awards (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College honored faculty and staff for their service to the college during the annual Employee Appreciation and Awards Luncheon on April 12. This year, employees were able to pick up a boxed meal prepared by CBC Dining Services and the awards were presented online through a Zoom session. Below is a list of employees who were honored. 

STUDENT MINISTRY MATTERS: Save the Date for SMWR2021 (pg. 2)

Dan CarsonPlans are in the works for this year’s Student Ministry Workers Retreat. Last year, we went virtual to accommodate all of the limitations of COVID-19. With dropping numbers and more and more people getting vaccinated, we are headed back to a live, in-person event for 2021. This one-day event will again be held at Central Baptist College in Conway on Sept. 11. There will be food, giveaways and connections.

HEALTHY CHURCH SOLUTIONS: Lovingly Confront (pg. 3)*

Larry Barker  – In an interview with the senior leader of a mega-church, who planted the congregation and then pastored it, he was asked what was different about today and when the church began 30 years ago. He stated that when they started, if someone had an issue with you, they would come into your office, sit down, look you in the eye and discuss the disagreement with you face-to-face. Today you find out about it through social media.

JUST THINKING: Ministry Misconceptions (pg. 3)

Tom Mitchell* – I was just thinking — there are many misconceptions about ministry in the local church. The foremost of those is that ministry is performed by pastors and staff — whether associate pastors, worship leaders, youth pastors or missions pastors. The truth is that every member of the local church is a minister for the cause of Christ. Each believer in Christ is, at the moment of salvation, not only indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but gifted by that same Spirit. All believers have spiritual gifts, and some have more than others.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

BOOK REVIEW: A Great Study for the “Good Reader” (pg. 5)

Jeff Herring – I was pleased to receive a copy of this study on the book of Titus by Dr. Tony Cleaver. He states in the dedication of the book that the purpose of writing the book is “so that every man, woman, boy and girl who engages in the worship services at their respective church can better understand Paul’s letter to Titus.” He goes on to explain that he wanted to make it understandable for the “person in the pew” in every church — or as he addresses them in the study, “Good Reader.”

Arkansas GMA Annual Meeting (pg. 5)

Tori Sinsley – The Arkansas GMA is having a virtual meeting on Saturday, April 24. Join us on Facebook Live at 10 a.m. that morning. In the afternoon, we will have videos and fun activities for the girls to do with their GMA groups at their churches.

VBS Column to Begin (pg. 5)

We will begin running the Vacation Bible School listings in the April 28 issue of the Baptist Trumpet, and will continue until the last VBS takes place. To include your church’s VBS (as soon as your dates are set), just send the following information to or P.O. Box 192208, Little Rock, Ark. 72219.

Questions Regarding Hate Crimes (pg. 6)

There has been no shortage of discussion and controversy surrounding the fact that Arkansas has yet to enact a hate crimes law. Supporters of a hate crimes law are quick to point out that ours is only one of three states without some version of this law. Opponents point to data to try to prove that hate crime laws aren’t effective in reducing violent crimes and only serve as a means of virtue-signaling.

Arkansas Extends State Income Tax Filing Deadline (pg. 6)

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is issuing a notification to Arkansans that the deadline for filing state individual income tax has been extended until May 17 to coincide with the extended federal deadline.

STATE MISSIONS: Carrying The Load (pg. 7)

Paul White – I want to encourage every pastor, ministry worker, department leader and staff, church planter and future church planter that make up this association to stand strong under what I call the Load of Purpose. Anyone who is trying to follow the Lord’s direction knows that you cannot encounter God and leave unchanged.

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