COVID & the Upcoming National Meeting

By Jeff Swart, President • BMA of America


The recent rise in both the COVID-19 cases and the COVID Delta variant have caused some concern about the safety of the messengers to the upcoming BMA national meeting. The national meeting was delayed in 2021 from April until August to allow our people time to be fully vaccinated, but many have not availed themselves of this opportunity.

         Therefore, we have been advised by medical authorities to insist that any messenger or guest attending the national meeting, who is not fully vaccinated, to wear a mask during the entire proceedings. I do not feel that I am dictating to you how you should behave, but I am imploring you, in the spirit of Christ’s love, to obey the second commandment: “… Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matt. 22:39).

         I look forward to seeing you in Waxahachie on Aug. 2 and enjoying a successful and safe meeting of our churches.

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