Current News – 08-25-21

CBC Concludes 19th Annual MUD Week (pg. 1)

Thirty-two Student Orientation Staff (SOS) members welcomed new students to the CBC campus beginning on Saturday, Aug. 14. MUD Week, which is an acronym for Mustangs Under Development, officially kicked off with dinner that night. Following dinner, the new freshmen and transfer students were placed on one of six teams (Green Team, Orange Team, Red Team, Yellow Team, Black Team, White Team), and they met their SOS leaders and other teammates. MUD Week activities included events such as Bunco Night, Hunger Games, Karaoke Night, Minute to Win It, Capture the Flag, Water Games and finally concluded with the MUD Run on Thursday, Aug. 19, which was also the first day of classes for the Fall 2021 semester.

Arkansas Counties Declare Themselves Pro-Life (pg.1)

Jerry Cox -In the past week, two counties in Arkansas have enacted resolutions declaring themselves pro-life. On Aug. 12, the Cleburne County Quorum Court adopted a pro-life resolution that reads:

Is Going to Church Important for My Children? (pg. 1)

Hannah Salyer – Mom rushed around the house, busy getting both herself and a two-year-old ready. Going to church has always been a weekly occurrence for my family, but this morning, unusual events spoiled the normalcy — I shoved Fruit Loops up my nose. Mom worked to remove them all before leaving, but there wasn’t enough time. The reality, I was going to church with cereal in my nose. So there I was… sitting in the pew sneezing out rainbows, but nonetheless, I was in church. Taking your children to church won’t always go according to plan. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if they look prim and proper or if they squirm and fuss in anticipation for lunch, as long as they’re there.

BMAA ANNUAL MESSAGE: The Gospel Must Advance – part 2 (pg.1)

Luis Ortega  (Editor’s Note: This is the second of three parts of the message preached by Bro. Ortega at the national meeting in Waxahachie, Texas on Aug. 3. See the August 18 issue of the Baptist Trumpet for the first part.) Not only can you trust God to use you to advance the gospel of Christ with courage and confidence even when adversity strikes, you can trust God to use you to advance the gospel of Christ with courage and confidence even when authorities strike. Verse 13 “so that my bonds (chains) in Christ are manifest in all the palace (palace-guard-locally), and in all other places (globally).”

STUDENT MINISTRY MATTERS: Handing Off Ministry to Your Students  (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – As parents, we often want our students to stay children. We dread them growing up and moving on, so we don’t give them enough responsibilities. The same thing happens within the church, and that is a big mistake. There is no better place for our students to stretch their ministry legs than with men and women who can help them when they fall and fail. We may fear a less than perfect performance, but they are more than the church of tomorrow — our students are the church of today!

HEATHY CHURCH SOLUTIONS: Pre-Conversion Discipleship (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – When does discipleship begin? Does it begin after a person steps over the line of faith and receives Christ as their Lord and Savior or long before that? Is evangelism restricted to an event where you invite someone to attend, praying that they will respond positively to the message of the gospel? Is that not just a little too nebulous, sporadic and maybe even haphazard? Could we not be more intentional in cultivating relationships that facilitate spiritual conversations? Barna research has reported that, “The United States is an ever-increasingly secularized nation made up of increasingly secularized cities.”

JUST THINKING: Do You Love Your Church? (pg. 3)

Dr. Tom Mitchell – Fifty-three years ago, this coming Dec. 7, Karen and I were married in Antioch Baptist Church in Conway. As we stood before her brother, Jurl Mitchell, we exchanged vows of love and commitment. That Saturday morning, I thought I could not possibly love her more. I was wrong! I love her more today that I ever have . . . So, one may ask, “Why are you writing about your marriage in a Baptist periodical?” Because committing to being a member of a church is much like committing to a marriage.

JOURNEY WITH JEFF: What a Joy! (pg. 4)

Jeff Herring – I was blessed to be able to travel to Mountain Home this past weekend to be with The Bridge Church and Pastor Hershel Conley. What an honor to be able to share an update about the ministry of the Baptist Trumpet and also share from God’s Word. Believe it or not, that was the first time I have been able to visit a church and share about the ministry of the Trumpet since I was elected last November. The opportunity to preach is definitely a bonus and is never taken for granted.



Cashion, Texas Pastor Dies (pg. 8)

Kenneth Cashion, 74 of Ennis, Texas, passed away Aug. 14. He was the former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Ennis, and served in the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant for 20 years before retiring. He was also a small business owner in Italy, Texas for many years, served on the Avalon ISD School Board.

Evidence of Biblical Earthquake Found (pg. 10)

Aaron Earls – For the first time, archaeologists have unearthed evidence for an earthquake Old Testament prophets mentioned and compared to end times events. Amos mentions an earthquake that struck Jerusalem during the eighth century. Hundreds of years later, Zechariah references the same event. Previous evidence confirmed an earthquake at that time, but new excavations led by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) found a layer of ruins dating back to Amos’ day.

Family Council Falls Victim to Cancel Culture (pg. 10)

Jerry Cox – At 10:29 a.m. on July 7, we received a terse email from our credit card processor — a company owned by J.P. Morgan Chase — saying, “Unfortunately, we can no longer support your business. We wish you all the luck in the future, and hope that you find a processor that better fits your payment processing needs.” At 10:30 a.m. they terminated our account, and we could no longer accept donations online. We had used this company for nearly two years to process donations that our supporters made to Family Council and the Education Alliance via our websites.


SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Michel and Ruth Poirier – Quebec, Haiti, West Africa (pg. 11)

Thank you very much for all you are doing for us. Your prayers and sacrifice are not going unnoticed. We count it a privilege to serve at your side our Lord Jesus Christ. Quebec — Thank you very much for all those who take part in our ministry to win the francophones of the surrounding countries. Our purpose is to seek, find, preach to and win the lost for Christ. COVID has not helped us to strengthen Christians in the Lord.

STATE MISSIONS: Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (pg. 11)

Paul White – Connection Point in Brookland will be organizing Saturday, Aug. 28 at 2 p.m. Once again, your faithful support is bearing fruit. Please remember to continue to pray for this brand-new church. I want to personally thank Chad, Shelly, Alex and all their members for their faithfulness. Everyone is invited to this special event! They will be serving refreshments after the service.

STATE MISSIONS: From Our Missionaries (pg. 11)

Connection Point, Brookland; The Mustard Seed, Cain; Misión Creciendo en Cristo, North Little Rock; Life Journey, Fort Smith; Ebenezer, West Little Rock; Faith Chapel, Flippin; The Table, Springdale

What is a Pound in a Purse (pg. 12)

Valerie Fish – Sounds kind of crazy, I know, but it’s fun and for a good cause! First, you choose a purse, any purse — new or slightly used — that you want to donate to a good cause. All of us have at least one purse we bought or were gifted, and we rarely use. Make sure it is clean and completely empty. Next, be creative and select one pound of something — anything that will fit — to put in the purse. This is the mystery prize someone will get when they have the winning bid on your purse during our lunchtime auction at the annual Ladies Retreat that is coming up on Sept. 18 at Central Baptist College in Conway. Be sure whatever you choose to go into your purse can’t be seen since (that is part of the mystery) and be sure what you choose is not perishable or messy. All proceeds will help offset the cost of the retreat.

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