Current News – 11-17-21

Arkansas Again Ranked Most Pro-Life State in America

On Nov. 15, Americans United for Life announced that Arkansas is the most pro-life state in America for the second year in a row. The pro-life organization ranks each state based on state laws protecting the unborn, the elderly, the disabled and the terminally ill. Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “This is incredible news. Arkansans should be proud of their state legislators for enacting the best laws in the nation when it comes to protecting innocent human life. That’s something to celebrate.”

Application Deadline Nears

At the last BPH Trustee meeting, Dr. Charley Holmes recommended to the Board of Trustees that we begin the search process to fill the position of Executive Director of Baptist Publishing House. Dr. Holmes and his team have certainly done an excellent job in transitioning the ministry of publishing quality Bible study literature for our churches, and we could not say thank you enough to him for taking on this ministry. The time has come, however, for him to focus his full attention back to the BMA Theological Seminary. For anyone who may be interested in this position, please send a resume to the Baptist Publishing House Board of Trustees no later than Dec. 10. You may send your resume by email to Bart Herrington at or mail to 322 Saturn Street, Malvern, Ark. 72104. Above all, we ask that you pray for the Board of Trustees as we walk through this process in preparation for the 2022 meeting of the Baptist Missionary Association of America.

ANNUAL SERMON: Journey of a Spiritual Man – Part 2 (pg. 1)

Wade Allen – What is the “confession of our hope”? It is the substance of our profession, which we embrace with hope. It is what we believe! . . . It is who we believe in! . . . What then is biblical hope? . . .

Welcome to Lifeword! (pg. 1)

Two-and-a-half years ago, Lauren Crawley joined the Lifeword team and hit the ground running the next day as she traveled to the SOAR conference. Now a new Lifeword team member is assuming Lauren’s role and doing the same thing as Lifeword Sunday is in full swing and she prepared for her first Senior Adult Conference. Jennifer Kimbrow Harrell is taking Lauren’s place as Lifeword’s church connections director. She said, “I have grown up with a love for Lifeword since childhood. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing ministry family!” . . . .  

CENTRAL BAPTIST COLLEGE: CBC to Participate In GivingTuesday (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow –- Central Baptist College will join non-profit organizations all over the world and participate in the GivingTuesday* global day of giving on Tuesday, Nov. 30. GivingTuesday began as a simple idea in 2012: a day that encourages people to do good. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, GivingTuesday takes place after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events and begins the charitable giving season.  . . .


*STUDENT MINISTRY MATTERS: Holiday Programming With Purpose  (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Halfway through November, there are a number of things staring us down. Thanksgiving is coming up. Christmas parties and service projects are looming. Candlelight services are just a little over a month away. Even New Year’s Eve celebrations are quickly coming up. If you haven’t been thinking about these things and how your student ministry is working within the structure of your church, you are a few steps behind.  . . .


Larry Barker – We have been discussing soul care and are now focusing on family care, team care, member care and health care. In the area of family care, you must first take care of your marriage. No one else can be the husband to your wife that God has called you to be. . . .

JUST THINKING: Families at Thanksgiving (pg. 3)

Dr. Tom Mitchell – In 1621, the colonists had made peace with the Wampanoag Native Americans at Plymouth. That was a milestone because, at first, their existence in the same land was not peaceful, but that changed. To celebrate the peace and also the bountiful blessings each people group had received, the came together and what we call the first American Thanksgiving transpired. It was not called Thanksgiving but was simply an autumn harvest feast that was shared by families from the colonists and the Wampanoag . . .

Are Protections for Your Church, Members & Staff Adequate? (pg. 4)

Cultural conditions in which churches and people of faith find themselves are far different from what they were in the not-too-distant past. Christians and their organizations and businesses are being marginalized with ever-increasing frequency and intensity. There is a growing intolerance for and hostility toward our faith . . .

JOURNEY WITH JEFF: A Blessed State Meeting (pg. 4)

Jeff Herring – I wanted to take a moment to show appreciation for all those that helped make the BMA of Arkansas meeting a success. What a blessing it was to see so many friends and make new friends. Allan and I were very appreciative for the many kind words that people shared with us in support of the ministry of the Baptist Trumpet . . .

STAND FIRM & EPIC: Your Are Here (pg. 5)

Jake McCandless – Saying we’re living in the last days or near the last days seems to roll off the tongue easy these days, especially when we’re watching the news. But are we really living near the end of the age? Can we even know the nearness of the end of the age? . . .

SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Danny and Rita Ballard (pg. 5)

We would like to start by saying, “Thank you!” to the Lord and to all those who have been faithful with your prayers and support. Over the past few months, we have been able to minister to over 200 families through the Relief Ministry and this was made possible with the help of all those who donated toward that ministry. Through the Relief Ministry, we have been able to begin a new Bible study in one of the areas where we have been distributing the relief bags. In one of the other areas, we have been able to start back a small children’s program. . . .

LIFEWORD: The Forgotten Holiday (pg. 6)

Diane Spriggs – Summer temperatures were still soaring outside when I noticed them — shelf after shelf of Halloween decorations in Walmart — pumpkins, scarecrows, goblins, black cats — not to mention all the candy! — and the list goes on and on. Now whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween is a subject for another day and time, but what really bothered me was that only about a third of one shelf had any decorations for Thanksgiving . . . a few pumpkins and signs with words like “thankful” and “grateful” on them, and maybe a few pilgrims and a haystack or two . . . and that was about it!


Jerry Dwane Browning, 80, of Lufkin, Texas passed away Nov. 12. He was a faithful minister of the gospel for 53 years, pastoring churches in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas, including College View at Magnolia.

Don’t be the Reason for an Early End to Your Deer Season (pg. 7)

As Arkansans make their way to deer stands across the state, it is important to take time and reflect on the role that safe and legal hunting plays in the conservation of Arkansas’ natural resources. According to Arkansas law, all hunters are required to carry a valid Arkansas hunting license while hunting and must check all harvested deer within 12 hours.

STATE MISSIONS: Blessing Out of the Blue (pg. 7)

Paul White – It appears that the Missions office is likely to be gifted the former Commerce Road mission/church building and property in Pine Bluff. After having an inquiry about it, the church wants it to go back to State Missions. (If this comes to pass, it will prove to be helpful in getting Johnny Shew’s building well on its way next spring.) The church building has been vandalized and will need some repairs made before it can be sold. Please pray that, should we put it on the market, God will send us a buyer.

STATE MISSIONS: From Our Missionaries (pg. 7)

The Mustard Seed, Cain; Misión Creciendo en Cristo, North Little Rock; Life Journey, Fort Smith; Ebenezer, West Little Rock; Faith Chapel, Flippin; The Table, Springdale.

Why So Few Gospel Concerts (pg. 8)

Thomas Morrissey – Recently I found out, rather last minute, that there was going to be a Southern Gospel concert right here in Texarkana! But why so few such concerts, and why is it so hard to know about them before they occur? I have pondered this question for decades, and I believe I have finally discovered the answer.

Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers (pg. 8)

Jeff Herring – I became familiar with The Chosen after it was recommended to me by a friend. I watched the original pilot episode, “The Shepherd,” that tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of the shepherds. Since then, I have enjoyed the two seasons that tell Jesus’ story as He chooses His disciples and begins His ministry. They are already working on season three. Dallas Jenkins is the creator, co-writer, director and co-executive producer of The Chosen. He is the son of Jerry Jenkins, best known for the Left Behind book series. He recently announced the theatrical release of a new episode of The Chosen that would tell the story of Jesus’ birth from the viewpoint of Mary and Joseph. Here is what he had to say in a recent Facebook post about the episode:

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