Director’s Prayers and Goals for 2021 (pg. 1)

Student Ministry Matters  (Dan Carson, Director) – While 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year, there were a number of positives that came out of it for our ministries. It pushed us to embrace digital giving and digital teaching options in ways that we would have never before considered. It taught us the value of relationship and showed us our need for one another. Some of us have been waiting for 2020 to conclude so that we could get church life back to nor mal. Thought leaders in the ministry world believe that many of those things are now simply gone. We need to be preparing for the new normal. That is what we want to accomplish as your State Youth Department.

Baptist Publishing House (Joshua Tew, Asst. to the Executive Director) – The BPH prayer requests and goals for 2021: Pray that God will burden BMA pastors and churches to prioritize Bible teaching. Pray that God will put a desire in every BMA church member’s heart to study God’s Word faithfully. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Tanzania, who have recently begun printing and distributing Baptist Publishing House materials.

BMA Foundation (Charles Attebury, Executive Director) – Our ministry goals for 2021 are as follows: 1) To make the mission of the BMA Foundation better known among BMA churches. 2) To encourage all BMA families to include the BMA Foundation in their estate plans. 3) To increase awareness among BMA families that charitable gift annuities with very favorable rates are available through the BMA Foundation. 4)To consider other ways the Foundation might be of service to BMA families, churches and departments.

Ministers Resource Services (Steve Crawley, Executive Director) – At Ministers Resource Services (MRS), it is our pleasure to provide retirement, benefits and risk insurance needs for pastors, missionaries, ministers and staff of all churches and entities affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America. This year, we will focus on the following objectives as we seek to accomplish our mission:

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