I Need Your Help to Finish Well (pg. 1)

Editor – I knew I’d have to write this article someday, but that “someday” has come sooner than I ever imagined — even though it has been 40 years in the making. The bottom line is this — next year, at the 2020 BMA of Arkansas meeting (after working at the Trumpet since Jan. 2, 1980 and serving as your editor since Nov. 5, 2005) I will be retiring as editor/business manager of the Baptist Trumpet. My original plan was to announce the retirement to all of you at the end of January, but I’m going to need your help sooner rather than later (see Finish Well below), so I decided to announce it now. To be honest, if I had my “druthers” (as my Mammaw used to say), I’d keep being your editor until my dying day because I love it (and all of you!) so very much. But that’s not what is best for the Trumpet, and it’s not what is best for my husband, Pat.

Assistant Editor

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