Preaching Psalms of Ascent (pg. 3)

Clif Johnson -Preaching the Gospel is a calling from God to men to take their lives and words seriously, proclaiming the Gospel for the sake of the church. Our aim for The Preaching Lab is to link arms with other pastors/preachers who seek to do just that — develop spiritually healthy lives and pulpits. This year’s Preaching Lab Conference addresses the topic of Preaching the Psalms. Come join other pastors and preachers as we learn to preach these rich passages of scripture in a biblically faithful, Christ-centered way. Specifically, we will be looking at Psalms 121-126, the Psalms of Ascent. By the time you leave this conference, you will have studied these psalms thoroughly, understanding their structures and gaining a roadmap to preaching them as a series of sermons.

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