Tyson Signs With AI (pg. 2)

Jessica Sawyer, CBC Tower Web EditorJake Tyson, a 2018 Central Baptist College graduate, has signed a contract with Ambassador International for his debut novel, Vigilante’s Light. Tyson said he began writing Vigilante’s Light in the fall of 2018, shortly after he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. “It came together surprisingly fast, probably about four to five months,” said Tyson. Tyson said that his major in Journalism, while not specifically focused on fiction writing, helped better his writing. “I think overall those [journalism] courses just helped me become a better writer in general,” said Tyson. “Features, Editorials and Reviews focused a lot on writing in general and the craft of writing so that was a big help.” Tyson said he was thrilled when Ambassador International contacted him about officially signing with them.

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