U of A ABS Director Announces Retirement (pg. 1)

Wade Allen – In 1977, a young man from South Louisiana found himself in the land of the Razorbacks. He was approached by the leadership of Calvary Baptist Church in Fayetteville to consider “helping them” with their ministry to young adults through the Association of Baptist Students (ABS). At that time, the church was located almost in the shadow of the historic Old Main building on the University of Arkansas campus. Over 40 years later, Warren Dugas is still ministering to young adults through the ministry of the ABS at the U of A. This past week, as he reminisced about how he got started in this ministry, Warren quipped, “This was supposed to only be a part-time gig!”Now, after 42 years of service to the Association of Baptist Students, Warren Dugas has made the difficult decision that it is time to retire. He will continue to serve until Dec. 31 to give the Board of Directors time to search for a new director. In a time when a decade is considered to be a lengthy tenure in any ministry position, Warren has faithfully served in this position for more than four decades!

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